Bug report - 'Playlist' title not being saved when the file changes behind the scenes, the 'playlist' title becomes a dead link


I’m not sure if I’m in the right place so place redirect me if otherwise. I’d like to report an issue I noticed with Infuse Pro 6 on the tvOS (ATV 4K).

If you create a playlist with a title, but then you change the filename of the file that the playlist title links to, then the playlist title becomes a dead link. Even after a system content refresh.

I’m constantly renaming files and finding better ways to organized my physical file library, so it’s not uncommon for video titles to change behind the scenes. How can they remain synced in Infuse? Plex does a pretty good job at this (but let’s be real, Infuse is much better than Plex, ha!)

I know this behavior works somewhat in Infuse Pro because if you do the same thing (change a file behind the scene, then re-sync) with a video that you are halfway through watching, you do NOT lose your spot in the film once the file is re-synced and updated: Infuse remembers. So I believe the logic is already built into the app, it just needs to be applied to the ‘Playlist’ section.


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Videos added to a playlist are linked to specific video files, and not titles.

For example, someone may have a 4K version of a movie as well as a 1080p version. If they add the 4K version to a playlist, I think it would be confusing if the 1080p version were also added.

For this reason, if you are renaming videos I think you’ll probably need to re-add them to the Playlist as well.

Thanks James.
That’s not the way I was using it, but I understand that’s how others may use it.
If anything, something for your devs to keep in mind.

Keep up the good work!
FYI - I signed the petition for DTS/TrueHD passthru - Apple NEEDS to make this happen.