BUG: "Recently added" lists using folder's modification time instead of video's creation time

I don’t know if this has been posted before, but I didn’t use Infuse for a bit and now my recently added lists are all messed up. I figured out that now it is sorting the videos (it used to be both movies and TV Shows in the top shelf) based on the folder modification time, while before it (rightly) used to be the video’s creation time or at least it worked with that logic. In my case it noticed it because I have Plex server using the same folders (on a NAS but it shouldn’t matter), with a plugin that automatically downloads the subtitles (and that modifies the folder’s modification time).

Also only the Movies are showing up, but that could be due to the fact that I create a subfolder for each season, so even if I add an episode the series folder (“root folder” for the series) modification time doesn’t get changed. Yeah, I just added an episode and that is the case indeed.

Again, it used to work just fine, respecting the chronology I added my videos.

Are you streaming through Plex, or connecting directly to your share?

If connecting through Plex, Infuse will use the recently added info provided by Plex.

No, no. I am streaming via SMB. Plex just shares the same folders, but Infuse knows nothing about Plex. It was fine before the recent updates. It should also be easy to reproduce. Just add a file (any file) in an old movie folder, that should change the folder’s modification time, and the movie appears as the most recently added in all lists.

You can see it in the attached screenshots. The first column in Finder is “Creation date” and the second is “Modification date” (translated roughly from Italian). You’ll see that I ordered the files in Finder by the modification time, and that’s the same order in Infuse (one on the left is from a different folder), but the creation time of both folder and movie file is older.

I have also checked in the SMB server (Linux+ext4). the timestamps match the ones in Finder in macOS.

PS: I am quoting your post because I am not sure if “@James” would work.

I suppose this is sort of expected, since Infuse will treat single-movie folders as playable items.

If you’re concerned about things being in the correct order, you might check out something like http://www.publicspace.net/ABetterFinderAttributes/index.html as it allows you to adjust timestamps for files on macOS.

Well, I played a bit with the shell command “touch”, and it really uses the modification time for the folder. I am not sure about the tool you linked, the best workaround seems to be to run the command “touch -r ‘video file’ .” inside the folder. Still I don’t agree that Infuse should use the folder time instead of the file time. One may manually add some subtitles in the folder or else, which changes the folder time, but that doesn’t mean that the video had been added in that moment. Also because I am quite sure it didn’t work like that a couple of releases ago.

If anyone is interested I could fix it running this one line shell script from Terminal:

for i in ; do touch -r “$i”/.m* “$i”; done

One must first “cd” into the main Movies folder, the movies must be organised as “folder”/“movie name”.“extension” where the movie extension starts with “m” (as in mkv, mp4, m4v). If a movie has a different extension (like .avi) it will do nothing for that folder/movie, but if there are other files with an extension starting with “m” it may give random results or fail for that folder/movie. Sure it can be improved, but I am not in the right mood right now.

@james I think I noticed it now because the Plex plugin must have autonomously updated the subs of some older movies for any reason. Maybe Infuse was always working like that (although I still think that to get the time from the file and not the folder would be more coherent).