BUG? Playlists on Mac not in iOS?


yesterday I installed infuse 7 on mu Mac. Great stuff!! I also had it on my iPhone and on my AppleTV. I created several playlist on my Mac because that works fast. But when I look only iPhone the playlists I created on my MAC are not synced to my iPhone.
I have the pro version and of course iCloud is setup.
The videos are on my NAS and my MAC.

How can I let it sync from Mac to iPhone and from iPhone to MAC

I had the same issue, do you have “iCloud Drive” enabled in your settings on the Mac?

Ah now I see on my iPhone that I have infuse pro version 7.0.3582 R but on my iPhone when I look at iCloud content I see it says infuse pro 6 30 mb. Could that be the problem?

Yes it is enabled and infuse is also enabled in the settings of iCloud Drive.
How did you solve it?

I deleted all the older iCloud stores and what fixed it for me was putting a tick in this box on the Mac.

Yes I also did that. But strange thing is that in iCloud drive I see infuse 6 both on my iPhone and my Mac. But it is version 7…

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I guess infuse pro 6 may not sync with infuse 7 on Mac. Can you switch to use infuse 7 on your iPhone and sync data with iCloud ?

when I look on my iPhone in infuse settings it says: Infuse Pro 7.0 (3582). So that is version 7 I guess…
The version 6 number is displayed in iCloud Drive see my screenshot above.
And I am syncing with iCloud both in my Mac and on my iPhone. And both display the Unfyse pro 6 picture in iCloud Drive storage.

It is a bug I guess…

:disappointed_relieved: Did a lot of work on my Mac in infuse which does not sync. I am not happy.
I deleted the iPhone app and installed it again. Same thing. The playlists which I created in the past on my iPhone were downloaded but not the ones of my Mac.
To bad.

Are the Playlists created on Mac for files from a network share, or local files?

Are the same network shares available on iOS?

Like iOS, if you create a playlist for local items on Mac those playlists will not sync to other devices, as the files they reference will not be playable there.

Both. I use files from Nas which can be reached from my iPhone and my Mac.
I can also add files on my Mac to playlists on my iPhone.
But the playlist created on my Mac are not synced to my iPhone and ATV.
If I add a test playlist on iOS with a file which can be accessed both from my iPhone and my Mac it is not added to my Mac.
Same for a playlist on my iPhone with a file on my Nas which can be accessed by both devices (I see the file in both versions of infuse) that playlist is not synced to my Mac

See reply above this message.
If I want to add a file of my Mac or Nas which I see on infuse on iOS I can’t add it to the playlist I created on my mac as they are not there.

If I create a playlist on iOS with file from my Mac that playlist is not synced with my Mac even when the file can be found in infuse.

after a couple of days the playlist on my Mac are synced. So syncing is very very slow.
But glad it works now.

Glad it finally worked. It could be just an issue with iCloud itself as opposed to infuse. We will see though if it can be improved.

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ah too bad, I looked just at my Mac and not on my iPhone. Again not right syncing :frowning: The playlists on my Mac are different from those on my iPhone.

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