Bug on ATV4K since 6.6.4?

Am I the only one noticing a very annoying behavior since the 6.6.4 release on ATV4k? Every time I start a video it plays fine for a bunch of seconds, then the video stops, screen goes black (like if the ATV4K and the TV are talking to each other and renegotiating how to play the video), then the video reappears and it’s paused?

Appreciate any feedback/help to get this fixed!

PS: I tried restarting the ATV4K and the issue seems gone now, will report back if it happens again after a while.


If it happens again you may want to also send in a diagnostic report right after it happens and post the 5 digit code here. :wink:

I was having that issue although it started before 6.6.4. I did two things (besides a restart). Got a new hdmi cable. That didn’t fix it. When I tested hdmi connection it failed even with the new cable. Then I went to video settings and reset the connection and it retested Dolby vision. After that it has been working ever since. So not sure if it actually was the cable or a combination of the two things I did.