Bug: Movies double in library when moved to another folder since Infuse 5.7

Movies appear double in the library when moved to another folder since Infuse 5.7.
Can this be fixed? Thanks.
More details:
This happens when I move a movie on my Synology NAS from one folder to another folder.
Folders are both part of the library.
For one of the two movies in the library get a message that the file does not exist.
Happens on Ios as well as apple tv. Currently iphone is on 5.7, and shows the double movies.
Ipad is still on infuse 5.6, and shows one occurence of the moved movie. There the problem does not exist.

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This can actually happen if you move a file, and Infuse has not yet finished an update scan. Once the scan completes, Infuse will add any new files it finds and remove and old files it notices have been deleted (or moved).

Scans generally happen automatically when opening the app, but you can also force a scan by tapping the refresh icon that appears on the main Library screen, or use the option found in Settings > Library.

Thanks for yor reply. Tested it again, now with Infuse 5.7.1 on Iphone and again 5.6.11 on ipad. Total of 630 movies in the library. Use NFS on Synology NAS.
First did scan for changes on both ipad and iphone.
When that was finished: moved folder for one movie.
Then scan for changes on both ipad and iphone.
Result when finished: duplicate movie on infuse 5.7.1 in library => all movies. One movie on infuse 5.6.11 on ipad in library => all movies.
Remarkable: When clicking on the duplicate movie in infuse 5.7.1 for which the folder does not exist anymore and then doing a scan for changes: then the duplicate movie is gone. That would be quite a some work to do though…
Is it possible to fix this duplicate problem when moving folders with movies on the NAS?

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I have this issue even without having moved any file. Some new files I add are shown twice on my iPad and on Apple TV. My version is 6.2.2 (2815). Is there a way to force a complete rebuild of the database? Or does anyone know of any trick to remove the doubles? It’s not the end of the world, but still quite annoying.

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First, is there any way that you may actually have two copies of those files? Second are you by any chance connected via UPnP?

There are settings on the ATV version that allow you to delete the metadata and rebuild but you shouldn’t have to for doubles. The clear metadata option is located on the main “Settings” screen on ATV. It’s highlighted in red.

The only time I’ve ever seen doubles is when I actually had multiples of the same file caused by me forgetting I had already copied it over. You may want to check to see if you may have multiples of those files but in different formats like one mp4 and one AVI or similar. I’ve had that bite me too.

If you’re shares are connected via UPnP you may want to try a different protocol like SMB. UPnP can cause some strangeness and the library doesn’t work with it well if at all.

  • definitely not two copies of the files that appear twice
  • not using UPnP at all, SMB only

Today i copied several ISO files to my NAS. One of them is shown twice. Once with the complete filename xyz.iso and once the filename without extension xyz. The one file that appears twice is one where I changed play settings while watching (language, subtitles, etc.). However, once I observed that, I tried this with other files, without “success”.

What I didn’t try so far is the Metadata-Rebuild.

I’m having the exact same problem. After replacing my NAS with new one, many of movies are now showing twice on ATV and iPhone with SMB and Infuse 5.9.6. Tried everything but the dublicates keep reappearing…

Did you delete the share in the Infuse settings from your original NAS you replaced? You may want to check in the Library settings and if the old share is still there at least uncheck it so it’s no longer considered in the library.

I have tried deleting all shares, metadata, iCloud sync and then adding the new share back. But nothing seems to fix the problem. I’m out of ideas.

Any luck with this issue? I came here because I’m having the same problem. I’m using PLEX as my media server and I have several hard drives, but zero duplicate files. I have disconnected/reconnected hard drives, cleared all metadata, deleted all shares except for my PLEX media server and I still have doubles all over the place. When I look in PLEX there are no doubles anywhere, but Infuse is seeing doubles for some reason.

They act as different files too when I play them. For example I started on movie and let it play for a while. Then went to the double and it started from the beginning as if I had not watched that one before. So it seems to be reading the same file as 2 separate files. Any help is much appreciated.

When you go to Settings > Library I’m guessing you have “Show Library” checked, below that still on the “Library” screen what all do you have checked?

Could you provide a screen cap of the part of that screen below “Refresh Metadata”?

Edit to add: Also could you provide the version number of Infuse you’re using since this thread is a few years old?

Hi, sorry just saw this. So in the Settings → Library → Show Library is checked. And everything at the bottom is checked.

HD 1
HD 2
HD 3
HD 4
TV Shows Folder

Infuse Pro 6.5.2 (3282)

I know I said this already but I do not have any duplicate movies on any hard drive.

Can you turn on final names in settings and compare the two movies? They should also say where they are located (which share). Attach the two screenshots of an example

Assuming you meant file names? Just turned on. Every duplicate movie has the exact same file name.

I’m still having this issue if anyone has been able to figure it out and has tips that would be awesome. I now have about 30 movies showing up as doubles, all of them I only have 1 file of so I’m not sure where these doubles are coming from. The only thing left I haven’t done is delete my hd’s from Plex and re-connect them.

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