Bug* Movie Clip-Art image keeps needing to always reload

Hi all, I looked but couldn’t find any mention of this so please excuse if this is a repeated question. I have Infuse Pro 6.4 and a 8TB NAS library with tons of movies on it, running from the Gen4 AppleTV. The movie cliparts when going through the various sub-categories (there are 4 I made) need to often times reload the movies clip art, and when it does it doesn’t remember the previous clip art setting and loads a new clip-art or worse, nothing at all. It feels like it is trying to fetch data on the clip-art all the time, instead of saving it in it’s memory/library. Some movies are very odd, so I have taken a lot of energy and time to go through them one by one and select the meta-data from the list and the appropriate clip-art. Afterwards however, when re-entering the sub-category again through Infuse, it has “forgotten” the clip-art or meta-tag associated with it and just picked some random image from the movie file itself.

I never had this issue previously when using Infuse v4 or 5, so this seems to be something introduced with v6 Pro and the larger NAS library. I was hoping that upgrading to 6.4 would resolve this “bug” but no luck so far.

Any advise or tips anyone? Thank you, otherwise great program, I have been a fan since many years ago when it replaced my Popcorn Hour.

Sorry you’re having a problem. It sounds like you may be seeing the after effects of a recent issue with TMDB there’s a thread here that explains a bit about that. Missing or incorrect movie artwork - #3