[BUG] Make it more difficult to wipe out indexed libraries / favorites

In Infuse, under Settings > Library, you can see all of the favorites. Next to each favorite is a checkmark. It is too easy to accidentally uncheck one of them–way too easy–which then completely wipes away the entire contents of metadata and discovered media.

This is not too big of a deal with a small library of a few hundred or thousand items, but this is a serious inconvenience with much larger libraries. The inconvenience is further multiplied when the source of all media is located on a cloud service like Google Drive.

Take my case as an example. The amount of time to first-time scan my collection is about a few days. Maybe it would be shorter, but I typically get banned after about the 1/2-way point of the scan. That means I’m unable to download or stream any of the media in Google Drive for a 24-hour period; that also means the scan cannot progress until the ban is lifted. All in all, adding my content to infuse is more than a weekend-long ordeal where no one in the household is able to stream anything from our personal collection, because of all the bans. I have written about this here ([IMPROVEMENT] Constant Google Drive "Download Quota" Bans) and here (Option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud - #12 by danemacmillan). To be clear I’m only talking about the first-time scan. Adding new items after the initial scan then take close to an hour, even if there’s just one single new item to add (Improve performance of Google Drive scanning). For reference, my collection contains about 23k unique items. It’s really a dreadful experience having to get my collection on a new device. As a result, I simply don’t do it, because I don’t want to deal with ban after ban after ban; this is why I created the discussion, “Provide option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud” (https://firecore.com/comment/80852).

Knowing all this, please make it far more difficult to uncheck a favorite. The UI and UX in that section of the settings is really unclear and ambiguous, and given the utterly nuclear functionality of wiping all of that work, there should be some prompts for progress and general feedback that enlightens the user as to what those seemingly benign checkmarks represent.

In my mind, unchecking a favorite means no longer scan it for changes–NOT nuke its entire contents and all the items that were previously discovered. This is how it should work. A user should be able to disable a favorite from being scanned, and a user should be able to clear all the metadata discovered by running a scan in a favorite, and they should both be available options. Seriously, that checkmark is deceptive as hell. Please improve it.

What caused me to uncheck the favorites?

I discovered this because I was invited to the Plex Beta. After opening a freshly-installed Infuse from TestFlight, I noticed that Infuse did not contain any of my media. After connecting Plex, I realized that Infuse would first need to scan ALL of my Google Drive favorites, which, given my above description, is not what I wanted, so I figured if I unchecked them, Infuse would skip Google Drive scans and just start scanning Plex. That worked, and Infuse began scanning Plex. Unfortunately, those unchecked favorites synced with iCloud, which then synced with my non-beta version of Infuse which had 23k items scanned into it. Upon opening non-beta Infuse, all of those items were gone, because none of the favorites were checked. It makes no sense to me that such an innocuous interaction with the app would result in such a nuclear consequence.

Don’t let us just toggle the checked status of a favorite like it’s no big deal. Please improve this. You know, something like, “Are you sure you want blow up your 23k scanned items that took several days to scan, spanning at least two bans totalling 48 hours of no ability to stream anything, and several more days manually fixing bad matches?” Seriously, guys, please improve this. It’s mind-blowing how much of a UI/UX failure this is.

I’d like to point out that I consider this a bug, because it is such a tremendous oversight in that department. I’d also like to point out that this effectively means I cannot test Plex integration because I need to scan my Google Drive collection again, which will take several days. When it’s finally scanned in, though, I will then always need to wait an hour before the Google Drive scans are done before it can progress to the Plex integration scan. This is because, as I’ve noted, a simple scan of my Google Drive to discover even a single item takes an hour, and because Infuse does not let me disable scanning or to choose the order that sources get scanned, I will always wait an hour before Plex is even looked at. Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be very helpful with the Plex beta testing because of the well-documented performance problems of scanning sources in Infuse (see my links).

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I just did this again moments ago. The phone was lying on my desk, and I went to press the screen on my X to light it up, but I had disabled the screen timeout last night because background indexing is not a thing; to my dismay, the screen was actually already lit up and on the libraries page. Not being a lefty, my coordination was extra sloppy and I unchecked one of my favourites with 20k+ items. Unrelated, but I feel like the lack of background refresh is going to cause screen burn-in on the X/XS.


I don’t know.much about the iPhone settings but could you set it up like you said with screen time out disabled and then to stop burn in, go to settings and adjust screen brightness all the way down? Just a thought.