Bug: Local TV episode thumbs not loaded without active internet connection

Something I’ve been noticing glitching since running my Infuse offline after disconnecting my home internet for a while:

Even though my home network is stable, and all my metadata (including episode thumbnails) still exists on my NAS, I’ll occasionally open a new TV series (or a series I’ve watched before or a even a series I’m currently watching) and Infuse will randomly try to refresh the tv episode thumbnails — perhaps they were pushed out of my Apple TV’s memory — and instead of grabbing the local thumbnail images from my server (like it did when I built the library while connected to the internet), I’ll see Infuse replacing all those images with random frame captures generated by scanning the video files.

Trying to refresh the data only makes things worse. I’ll then lose my local folder.jpg images, too, and they’ll be replaced with blank posters.

Why would this be happening?

Since the local episode thumbnail images are still visible while the video frame captures are being generated, I guess they weren’t actually purged from my Apple TV’s memory until Infuse randomly chose to replace my local images with scanned frame captures. So what’s up with that?