Bug - iPhone X swipe bar won't disappear when parental Controls are enabled

Not sure what the correct way to report bugs is so just creating a topic here; a quick search of the forum didn’t find any existing mention of this.

Anyway, as the title says, there appears to be an annoying bug for the iPhone X. Basically, if ‘restrictions’ is enabled under Parental Control, the bar that appears at the bottom of app windows on the iPhone X won’t disappear.

Currently, running latest version of Infuse 5 on iOS 11.2. I tried fully uninstalling the app and reinstalling but definitely appears to be a bug.

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Thanks for the report!

We’ve actually been trying to track down a few reports of this, and it seems you may have nailed down the cause.

We’ll take a look here and get this fixed up.

We’ve tracked down and resolved this for the upcoming 5.6.4 update.

Thanks again for the report!

Great news! Thanks for the update (and for getting it sorted so fast).

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