[BUG] Infuse has twice nuked all its metadata requiring it to re-scrape my entire media collection

Recently, Infuse has been demonstrating some alarmingly bad behaviour on my ATV4 running tvOS 13 beta. Twice now it has lost or deleted all the metadata for my movies and tv shows, requiring me to start the long, painfully slow process of re-scraping my entire media library.

The first time this happened after Infuse crashed and upon relaunch gave a brief message about a problem with the cache. The second time it happened my metadata was just gone. There was no crash that I was aware of and no message about cache problems.

Am I dealing with an Infuse bug, a tvOS beta bug, or a hardware problem with my ATV?

Have you sent in a diagnostics reports after both occurrences? Not sure but I’d guess that would be about the only way to definitively determine the answer to your question.

I did after the first time, but I neglected to scan the QR code because I thought it might be a one-off glitch. I guess I have to wait for this to happen again.

Did you copy the code number?

Unfortunately not. Next time it happens, I will.

That would probably be your best tool.

If you’re using iCloud sync you should be able to rebuild pretty quick if it does happen again. Then only the artwork has to be re-scraped.

Oh, I didn’t realize that about iCloud sync. I’ve always kept that disabled. I’ll try it out. Thanks for the tip.

According to the FAQ on iCloud Syncing, metadata is not stored on iCloud. Only “Manual metadata corrections” are stored, so it looks like re-scraping, even with iCloud sync turned on, will take a long time. In my case, it takes at least an hour or two to re-scrape my library.

Here’s a thread where James explains about the metadata once fetched being synced to iCloud. iCloud Library Sync not working or I don’t get it