Bug: Inconsistent sort order between files and folders

Infuse treats name sorting differently for files and folders when selecting Settings > Sort Order > “Title”.

For example, consider a file called “The Bat” and a folder called “The Bat”.

When Infuse is set to sort by Title, in a folder of files, it will correctly sort “The Bat” (file) alphabetically under “B”, ignoring the initial “The”.

But in a folder of folders, it will still sort “The Bat” (folder) alphabetically under “T”. This is wrong.

So this setting doesn’t change the sort order for folders, but it should if it is to be consistent with the way filenames are sorted.


I’m not sure this is technically wrong as videos have both a file name and a fetched title whereas folders just have the folder name.

A way to workaround this would be to switch the Sort By option to Filename in Infuse > Settings. This will give you a mixed sorting view that will sort everting by the file/folder name.

I tried this, but folders called “The [name]” are listed alphabetically under “T”, not the initial letter of [name], regardless of the sort order selected in Infuses settings.

@james - I think this can be called a bug, or at least an oversight, simply because sorting by Filename or Title is not done the same way between files and folders.

My files are mostly raw MPEG 2 files that contain no Title metadata. Hence the only attribute Infuse can use for sorting is the disk filename.

If in Infuse Settings the sort order is set to “Title” then even though these files contain no metadata or Title, they are alphabetically sorted by filename ignoring any initial ”The”. I consider that to be the appropriate and correct behaviour, and has clearly been coded in Infuse somewhere for it to behave that way.

Changing the sort order to “Filename” however results in these same files being strictly sorted alphabetically, so files beginning with “The” are sorted under “T”.

But for folders, this behaviour is different. Folders are always sorted strictly alphabetically, regardless of whether the sort order is set to “Filename” or “Title”.

So saying this different behavioiur is OK because Folders don’t have a Title doesn’t wash, because Files without a Title are not treated the same way.

Try it yourself and you will see that what I describe is right.

Surely it cannot be difficult to fix this so that Folders and Files are sorted the same way (ignoring any initial “The” in the file or folder name) when the sort order is “Title”, even when there is no Title metadata associated with either.

Thank you.