Bug fetching movie descriptions?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design but it is anoying anyway.
I have metadata language set to automatic. Since my native language is swedish Infuse will
First and foremost fetch data in Swedish, all well here.
The problem is if there is no Swedish description (Overview, I think TMDB calls it) Then no description is downloaded at all. It doesn’t matter if the movie is only available in English, no desciption.
But poster, title, cast, year etc is downloaded.
If i Switch to English metadata all is fine and downloaded in English but after a while this will erase all downloaded swedish content and replace with English, so this is not an option.
Is it suposed to work this way? It can’t be, Right?

Could someone verify if this is a bug or by design?

Is this happening with many titles, or just a few?

Infuse should be falling back to English if info in your selected language isn’t available, but it’s possible there may be something unique about how some titles are listed on TMDb.

Can you provide an example or two of titles you are seeing this with?

Joy Division English Meta.PNG Joy Division Swedish Meta Looking for Eric English Meta Looking for Eric Swedish Meta

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The behaviour is different for Movies and Series.
Descriptions/Info are never downloaded, only swedish, if they exist. And they do 99% of the time.
The Examples given above has no Swedish translation.
Slightly different behaviour. If the Series has no translation what so ever, English is used.
But if someone has entered a translation for the series description/info then this information is used as episode info. (Very annoying)
As you can see from the Stargate SG1 Example above (If you know your Swedish :wink: The Whole series info is used as episode info.
(Not attached) the series Black Books for example works perfectly. It has no translation.
But in all cases, poster, cast, director Etc is downloaded. Only description/info fails.
And thats the most important for me atleast.
Think i Covered it all.

Thanks for the screenshots.

We’ll take a look at this.

This should be resolved in today’s 6.4.4 update.

You may need to use the Edit Metadata option to refresh metadata for the affected items.

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