[Bug] Favourite Icon Not Updating

okay thank you, yep it does auto scale the images, but sometimes it ends up with the wrong ratio especially if the image is a square rather then rectangle. It just ends up zooming into the image too much and can sometimes look awkward, so i just need to go through all my images and update them to rectangle ratio i guess.

Hi James,

Unfortunately,i can confirm after various tests, The issue still stands and hasn’t been sorted out in latest release. Im getting the exact same issue for favourite icons. I also tried removing the favourite and adding it back, as soon as its re-added, the same image that i gave it originally just magically reappears instead of the default image or one that i changed to.

Can you double-check to ensure you are running the 6.4.3 update on all your devices (even devices that are rarely used)?

The version info can be found by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

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Thanks for the update. 6.4.3 does allow me to finally update favourites image. I went and changed them all just because I finally could.

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