[Bug] Favourite Icon Not Updating

On my favourite Icons on the home screen on Apple TV, i initially assigned some icons to the folders as i was trying out different ones, however after you assign one icon it seems like there is a bug in the infuse software as it doesnt let you change it. You can remove the artwork and default it back to the original star icon. However, if you try assigning it a custom image from my NAS it always defaults back to the first image that i assigned to the favourite icon!

Whats weird is that if i long press and go back to the artwork screen, then i can see the new image that i had selected previously as a preview on the left side, however on the home screen its not being displayed and instead the first image i assigned is being displayed, this is the same for every icon and not just one.

Im using the latest infuse 6, i also tried restarting apple tv, removing the favourite icon from home screen and then readding it, deleting the image i initially assigned that is stuck on the favourite icon from my NAS, and even updated the apple tv to the latest software, however nothing worked, i have a huge library so i didnt really want to delete the cache from the app or even delete the whole app and reinstall as it would take up to much time!

I am also using Infuse on the iPad Pro.

I ran a system diagnosis on the apple tv, here is the code: 54KEC

The icons that are not updating are the favourite ones called Latest Movies, Adult, Hollywood -Seen, Hollywood - Unseen.

Can confirm this. Also if you have a favorite-atv.jpg in the folder you make favourite.
This Sticks as the new dafault image.

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I was adding artwork to my favourites with no issue until I added the wrong image. I repeated the process and chose the correct image. But the wrong image remains.
I long press the favourite and choose the add artwork option, the correct image appears on the screen.
I restarted the appletv4k and tried to change the favourites artwork again. No changes.
I tried to change the artwork from 6 months ago in case in was only new artwork. Same issue, artwork does not change.

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Can you try this

  1. Long-press on the favorite icon
  2. Choose the Select Artwork option
  3. Browse for the artwork you want and select it

Nope, thats the bug. Once you have selected an artwork you can’t change it.
Exept to the default. You can switch between default and the first image you choose, but you can’t change to something else. Only work around (that I found) is to delete the favourite and add it again.

Can you try removing the favorite-atv image from the folder, and then using the Select Artwork option?

After numerous attempts, nothing is working.
I’ve added a screen pic to show what I get for artwork under the favourite called 2016-2020, which I’m trying to change. Then I long press and select artwork. The next Pic shows the correct artwork on the screen, not the default nor the one showing on the first pic.

After some extensive testing I found a workaround for this problem.
You can never get rid of the picture you have choosen for the favourite. Doesnt matter if you erase it, switch back and fourth Etc. It will stick. The only way to get rid of it is to use the default picture and then erase metadata. That will do the trick but It’s not something we would like to do.
Now for the work around.
If you erase your “favourite-atv-jpg” in the folder or if you didn’t have one skip this step.
choose a new picture for the favourite in the GUI. This picture won’t change but never mind.
If you now create a new “favourite-atv.jpg” and in the gui choose to use the default picture.
Infuse will now use the new “favourite-atv.jpg”
So atleast you get what you accomplish what you want.
But as stated. You can’t change the picture you first Choose, no matter what.

Funnt thing is, you must choose the picture that sticks. Just deleting the favourite-atv wont do the trick.

Yes, there is a bug in the code. When you change the artwork the first time a flag is tripped and the code gets the new artwork.
The bug is you go through the process of changing the artwork again, the flag is not reset to tell the code to get new artwork. The code just carries on the same no matter how many times you change the artwork.

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Hi James, did you read my original post? Because that is the bug that i listed!! And reading through the forums and searches on google, it doesnt seem like its a new bug but a rather old bug thats existed for some time, there was even a version someone said that fixed this bug, but obviously its still not fixed or that it might have been fixed but now has come back again.

Infuse is obviously caching the image somewhere, im assuming icloud and then using this data always, which is why we cant change the image once we select one. Ive tried everything including deleting the favourite and creating it again, but that assigned inital image just keeps on coming back and there is no way to replace it unless we defualt back to the original default star folder image.

I tried deleting the favoourite and creating it again, but the image just magically reappeared still :frowning:

Yes,I had to actually renamed the folder on the hard drive and add it back as a favourite to get rid of the unwanted artwork. That was too much work as it messed up my playlist, so I don’t recommend this method.

Favourites after the last update are a mess. Along with the artwork issue, I removed the favourite and they return, I renamed some, they switched back.
To get around this, I renamed the folder on the hard drive and added it back. I tried to add movies to playlist but a couple hours later they’re gone.
Anything that was done before the update stay, it’s only new changes.
Guess I’ll have to wait for the next update to see what gets fixed.

Hey James,

Any idea please when this bug would be fixed? As i assume that it would be a quick fix and is rather a crucial bug that needs fixing.

Any chance this update might have the fix for the Favourite Folder bug, in which we cant change its image after giving it one on apple tv?

We’re looking into this.

Thanks for your patience.

This has been resolved in the 6.4.3 update which is available today.

Thanks for your patience.

thats amazing thanks so much!!

Just another quick question, if i wanted to create my own logo images for the folders, what resolution image size should it be to get it to fit perfectly?

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For Favorites on the Apple TV, we recommend 1920x1080.

Infuse will auto-scale images as needed.