Bug/error when using NSF

I have a large movie collection with a big number of files in some folders. Lately, Infuse has become annoying when using the SMB protocol. It is slow regardless of whether it’s set to “Auto” or “SMB2”. This applies to both metadata fetching and starting a movie (long term spinning wheel).

Therefore, I have now started using NFS. NSF performs very well when it comes to speed, but another problem has unfortunately occurred. Sometimes, when I have not used Infuse for a while and want to watch a movie, the following happens: The folder opens and the metadata pops up as they should. But then, when I press play, first the spinning wheel appears for a second and then the whole screen goes black. I’m trying to wait, but nothing happens. I go back to the folder manu, try another movie and the same happens again.

So far, restarting Apple TV has solved the problem, but this is obviously cumbersome in the long run.

I have an Apple TV 4K, latest version of Infuse, and streaming from a QNAP NAS.

I don’t think Marvin Gaye has an answer, but perhaps some of you do: What’s going on?

And now yet another serious bug. When i try entering a folder i get the “An error occured” message. This is no good.

Are you by any chance running the tvOS beta?

No, I’m not.

Just thinking this through trying to cover a few more bases, have you tried the “Legacy” SMB setting?

Now unplugging and inplugging the NAS seems to have (temporarily) solved it. But I still wonder how to avoid it in the future.

Yet this only solves problem 2. Problem 1 occured with another NAS (I have 2 similar) and is still not solved.

No, I haven’t. Do you think it could be faster than Auto and SMB2?

Several people have found it better for their particular setup so I’d say at least give it a try. It’s a simple change.

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you so far. I’ll try.

Believe it or not, with Legacy I could’t even open the multimedia folder to choose favorites.

That in itself is strange, it should connect, it may not be faster but it still should. I’d suggest trying a restart on Infuse after changing to legacy and see if that helps. One other possibility is that maybe a restart on the NAS may help.

I guess if it was all easy we’d have no use for a support forum. :wink:

True. But I must say things like these should have been easy by 2018.

No luck.

Just to eliminate one more possibility, maybe a NAS reboot?

When you changed back to smb did you also change the address back to smb:xxxxx?
Sorry if this sounds silly but I have forgot that very step myself.

I unplugged and restartet both of my NASs twice. By now everything’s working again (with NFS; SMB 2/Auto has always worked, only slow).

Though, of course, good, I don’t like errors that I can’t find the reason for. I don’t know when this can happen again. It’s especially unfortunate because I have to do a great job with metadata whenever I have to add favorites again. Without being sure, I suspect that the error this time was not linked to Infuse. At least not only to Infuse.

Regarding your question, I’m not quite sure if I understand it. In my settings the adress is the same as the name of the NAS. If I look in the adress field it says “XXXQNAP.local”. Please let me know if there’s more I can check for you.

Thanks for your kind help.