Bug displaying time left on Apple TV 4K 1st Gen

Hi there’s an annoying bug that bothered me a long time on Infuse on Apple TV and yesterday was the nail on the coffin for me to post this by recording videos for you guys.

For some reason Infuse stops displaying “Time left” in a movie at -21min35sec mark.

So as you can see here for a 2hr35min movie at around 21.35min left to finish it suddenly stops showing the time left! Why?? 21min is still a hell lot of time left. If it’s for 5 min I can understand.
Infuse - Apple TV (Time Left) Bug Video Demo

In contrast, on Netflix on Apple TV for a 2h30min movie, It shows “Time left” until -13min left mark. Which I feel is a good compromise.
Netflix - Apple TV (Time Left) Video Demo

Can you PLEASE do something about this! Thank you!

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