Bug detected scrolling to the "More" button

Discovered a bug that has now occurred several times. When a TV episode finishes it lands back at the PLAY button selected on the main page (I do not have the option enabled to auto play the next episode). Since I delete my watched episodes I slide to the right to the Mark As Unwatched button and then up to the More button. However, sometimes it gets stuck on the Mark As Unwatched button. The only way to delete is to slide up from the PLAY button to Playlists and across the top to get to the More button.

However, before I discovered this workaround to delete, I thought it was just a glitch so I closed the app, reopened it and then deleted the show by sliding along the bottom and up to More and it worked. But… it deleted the next episode in the list and not the one I had just watched! This is because when we go back into any TV series we always advance to the next show in the list.

Since I have the Modern layout, I could not see which episode was selected. Of course, I could have read what I was deleting since we do get the popup warning but I was thinking too fast. All the more reason why I believe we should have a 3rd Hybrid layout option of Modern and Classic where we get to see the episode list along with a trimmed down wallpaper even if it was just a banner style image.