Bug: Deleted movies are not removed from "Watching" on home screen

First of all, I love this app. It has replaced Plex and thereby simplified my whole setup.

Regarding the bug I noticed (or maybe I’m doing something wrong): When I stop a movie, it shows up on the home screen under “Watching”, as intended. Now, when I delete the underlying file and update the library, the movie still shows up on the home screen. However, it is correctly removed in the Library view.

How was the file deleted - through Infuse, or was it done manually?

Files deleted from Infuse will be deleted from all areas, and the option for enabling this is called ‘File Management’ found in Infuse > Settings. Enabling this will add a new Delete button to the video details page.

A workaround for removing items from the Watching section of the top shelf that have been deleted through other means is to simply select the ‘Mark as Watched’ button on one of these videos.

This happens when I delete the files manually (stored on a NAS). Updating the library works fine. In that view, the partially watched movies are removed correctly. They only get stuck on the home screen. Is that something which is unavoidable, or is it a bug/feature?

This bothers me as well, as I see currently no possibility to get rid of those entries.

I’ve noticed this as well. I do not want to tun on file management in Infuse because I’m afraid my kids will delete stuff by accident. So when I’m done with a movie I delete it straight on my NAS. Infuse updates the library and almost all lists, but not the “Watching” list as mentioned.

This is something we’re looking into resolving.

I will also note, the currently in-progress Parental Controls coming in 5.3 will provide an option to require a PIN when deleting videos or editing settings. :slight_smile:

This is a frustrating bug/behaviour. Infuse refuses to remove files from its Library even though they’ve already been deleted. I think the best way to handle this is to do it the way Kodi/MrMC does it. When you try to play a video that appears in your Library but has already been deleted, the app displays the message “This file is missing from your Library. Would you like to remove it? Yes/No?”

With the most recent version (5.3), this works flawlessly now. Many thanks!

Great to hear! :smiley: