Buffering with 4K HEVC

Please explain to me why I can’t stream a 4K HEVC (2160p) movie without almost instant buffering to my ATV 4K on WiFi, when the same movie streams flawlessly to my Ipad pro? I’m using a Synology NAS with NFS.

I have all kind of performance issues when either the server of the ATV 4K is connected via WiFi. I have created a thread myself about this. But in your case, since it works from your iPad, the only thing that comes to my mind is that maybe the ATV 4K gets the 2.4GHz signal. That if both 5GHz and 2.4GHz are using the same SSID “hotspot name”). Maybe try to assign two different names, one for each frequency, in the router. And then connect to the 5GHz one.

Is is possible to try Ethernet to your ATV4K? The ATV4K has Gigabit Ethernet and may function far better on a wired connection.

WIFI is a very fickle technology. A few degrees of rotation may turn the antennas enough to kill the signal as well as a few inches may put you in a weaker zone. The 2.4GHZ band is a bit more robust as to dealing with distances but the 5GHZ ban has the potential of faster speeds but remember even at 5GHZ and an AC connection you still could be as low as around 7Mbits and still be considered "AC"speeds dependent of surroundings.

A lost has to do with the configuration of your wifi router, what bandwidth you have, location, channel, surrounding electronics, etc.

If you have 2.4ghz/5ghz with same SSID, the apple tv 4k may drop to the 2.4ghz band. Make a separate SSID for 5ghz, make it 802.11ac only, crank the width to greater then 40mhz. Make the apple TV 4k use this new SSID. My unit was occasionally dropping and maxed out 20mpbs. Once I created a new SSID 5ghz only, all is well.

I use 5 GHz with a separate SSID. Yes it works with Ethernet. It’s a pain to draw yet another cable, but I think I have to because today it also buffers like hell on my Ipad!

Cranking up the channel width probably doesn’t really help if the AppleTV can’t support it plus it only really works if you are right next to your router. As others have said Ethernet is always more reliable.


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