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I’ve been using infuse for a while with no issues. We just build a new home, everything is hardwired through a Unifi Dream Machine Pro, no Wi-Fi. I have an old PC (still on windows 7!) running Plex and a dedicated Unraid media server where all the actual media resides. I have started having random buffering issues, mostly on 4K but occasionally on 1080 too. And then sometimes everything is good. I’m wondering if the older PC is the issue but I was under the assumption that the PC is not really doing anything but routing the files. We have 6 Apple TV 4K boxes and they are all connected with network cables, not Wi-Fi and all experience random buffering. Any ideas? The same setup in the other house, minus the UDM Pro and using only two Apple TV’s worked flawlessly so I’m at a loss. And it’s not a case of too many streams at one time. We never have more than two streams going at once which like I said worked fine at the old house. Thanks!

The first thing I would check would be to run a speed test from various devices to see what kind of speeds you are getting. Even if things are hardwired, there can be times where a bad cable or bad switch can lead to slower speeds.

You can also try running multiple devices at once, to see if the speeds slow down at all.

When you say Speedtest, are you taking like the actual Speedtest ap? I thought that would only indicate the internet connection speed? Pardon my ignorance. I know enough to tear things up.

Infuse has a speed test feature which will show speeds from the video source (local or remote) to the Infuse app. The link above has more details

I “fixed” my issue and wanted to share my solution in case there are other idiots like myself out there lol. After checking speed and seeing it abysmally low, I swapped out network cable going from my unraid server to my network switch. I had a cat5 cable instead of cat6. I had ordered a ton of patch cables when moving in and still somehow ended up using one of my much older cables when hooking things up in my rack.


You not the founding member of the “oops wrong cable club” by a long shot. I’ve tossed dozens of “good” old standard cables after a few experiences like yours. :man_facepalming:

Glad you got it sorted and thanks for letting us know!


I’m not the founding member but my dues are paid up for several years :joy:

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I tossed an unopened bag of 10 25ft cat 3 cables in the recycle bin about 2 months ago after pulling out a few more hairs with a speed issue that other cables in that batch caused.

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