Buffering problem TC to ATV2


My ATV2 is connected to my Time Capsule with cable. I have several movies (diffenent format - iso, vob …) on my Time Capsule.

When i use the aTV Flash to browse to my Time Capsule and to play the movies i always got buffering problems.

So, for the moment i cannot play any movies from TC to my ATV2


any help is welcome



Strange. I have no problems with buffering and I’m running it wirelessly. All movies are in mkv-format and 720p + DD or DTS (5.1).


Have you enabled guest-sharing?

No, GUEST sharing is OFF -  i’m logging in with my account to my TC. Should that be the problem?

same problem here. video_ts also gives problems

cable streams 40 mbs so can’t be the problem


m4v-files in itunes give no problems

Installed XBMC and in XBMC i do not have this problems … strange … i even run a HD mkv-file from 9Gb without any problem.

In ATV flash i already get buffer problems when running a normal DVD =O

same problem here. video_ts also gives problems! Sometimes i shut down the electric power wait for 30 seconds, start again and then for a while 

the problems are gone, after a few movies it starts again. It looks like the AppleTV2 not cleaned the storage, i only use Media Player.


I hated when you are watching a movie with your family and the buffering mode is coming up, it is so poor!!

I also installed xbmc and this works. But i want to use the media player

So i hope an update will take care that i can use media player.

XBMC is free and working very well for playback.

On the other hand we pay 29$ for aTV Flash and playback is not ok :confused:


Hope to get some support here and a solution?

Same here, Airport Extreme with USB HD connected with ethernet or WiFi. Randomly buffering at various times. Still happening when i play movies from my iMac using Ethernet. And yes, XBMC is working fine.

Same here. Pretty standarard 720p mkv movies (~5GB for 2hrs) streamed from by macbook pro result in frequent buffering. ATV is on cable, MBP is on wireless, but in the same room, bandwidth should not be the issue I dont think…

I would not expect this from paid software…

After a complete fresh installation and update still buffering from time to time. Happening with low quality .avi up to 1080p mkv.

Well in my case it turned out te be a wireless issue. When I use a cable to connect my laptop to my router everything runs smooth.

Funny, mine was connected via cable, now i’ m on wifi again: everything’s fine!

having this problem quite a bit as well…

Any updates? I’m having this issue when buffering, and streaming from a NAS over an Asus RT-56U (5ghz). Never had any network issues like this, until the latest untethered jailbreak with fresh install of most recent Firecore ATV Black. XBMC worked a little better, but was occasionally timing out with network connectivity errors.


I’m using an ATv2 with asus rtn56u too and am now getting constant buffering and notices saying your network may not be fast enough to play this file type! I never received this before and it plays fine in XBMC…

I’ve had lots of this over the Christmas period, makes the media player unwatchable. Really annoying.

I’m tempted to raise this one with a ticket!

Not a bad idea as needs to be resolved.

Funny thing  is, prior to 1.1 I never had the issue! Not even through Beta or RC1. Its only lately thats its started to happen.

I’ve raised this formally with a ticket. Would encourage others to if its bothering you that much so as it lends weight to the problem.