Buffering on iPadOS Infuse but not Emby

I have a user that has reported extreme buffering issues with Infuse on her iPad all of a sudden (she tried multiple 4k files and all have her issues). I had her download the Emby app for her iPad and everything played without buffering. What could be going on here?

Without a bit more info it’d be impossible to give any meaningful suggestions.

What model iPad, what iPadOS, what version number of Infuse, how is the iPad connected, WiFi 2.4 or 5, Cellular LTE or 5G, what connection protocol like SMB or FTP or Direct mode Emby, what are the files being served from like NAS or computer or remote server…

What are the specs of the movies giving the problems like x264, DV, Atmos, etc. Maybe a mediainfo report on one of the problem videos.

Here’s what a speed test looks like for her. She can have it play perfectly for 20 seconds then all of a sudden it stops and buffers endlessly.

This is on WiFi, the latest Infuse, and connecting to Emby via library mode.

It’s no wonder it doesn’t play with those speeds. If you answer the rest of the questions maybe someone can figure out what’s going on.

Yes it’s strange because she has 200 down on her home internet (just checked it). I have no idea why she’s pulling such low speeds from the server.

She’s been getting these massive upticks in speed. But overall it’s too slow. What could be going on here?

Without the answers to the above questions that can’t be answered.

Ok, I will get you that info - it may take some time, though.

Something important to note is that the speed test download speed is faster when the user connects her iPad to LTE data, instead of Wifi. This is especially strange because her Wifi download speeds are an order of magnitude faster than her LTE speeds. This is odd, yes?

It seems likely the Emby app may be transcoding the videos to a much smaller format, whereas Infuse will always play videos in their full original quality.

That’s strange because I disabled all transcoding for users - so I thought that would force direct play in the Emby app?