Buffering on HD movies


Bought the ATV 4K recently and discovered Infuse. Love the app and have upgraded to pro.
I used to convert my DVD and Blu Ray to .m4v as couldn’t find a good app for .mkv (never got on with Plex) but this app is great.

DVD quality mkv files stream fine. Problems start when I try Blu Ray streams from my NAS (Synology DS213J).
Movie plays for a minute or so then buffers then another minute ad infinitum.

Trying to track the problem down, and thinking my old NAS wasn’t up to the job, I did some tests.
I checked the CPU and memory usage on the NAS and it hovers around the 50% mark for both when streaming so I don’t think the NAS is struggling.

The sent speed on the NAS network monitor moves between 1.5 and 3MB/s so the network speed seems to be the problem.
The NAS is wired to a Devolo Dlan 500 which is linked to another Dlan 500 which connects to my Orbi router.
The ATV is wireless and connected to 5ghz when I look at the router’s connected devices so should be pushing much more than 3MB/s.
Same happens if I try to stream to my iPad - again around 3MB/s and buffering.

To check the network speed to the iPad I downloaded the same movie to files and got a transfer speed of 54MB/s. I know downloading isn’t streaming but it at least shows the network is pushing reasonable speed.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be or how to troubleshoot further?

Sorry for the rather long first post… :slight_smile:


Probably bad form to reply to your own post, but I noticed that my max SMB version was set to SMB1.
Changed to SMB3 and now streaming perfectly.


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Never bad form especially when you figure out your problem and share it so others can benefit!

Glad you’re up and running again.

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