Buffering on ATV 4K and NAS Synology

Everything was perfect until the tvOS 11.2.5 update.
I followed firecore and community advice:
Gigabyte network, NAS Synology with SMB protocol (Minimum 2, maximum 3, without large MTU)

Since the update, when everything had been working perfectly for several months, buffering every 10 seconds and impossible to read 4K files (which worked before perfectly)…

The transition to the 4K with infuse was really not easy…

Before going to NFS or looking for other solutions, has anyone experienced these problems since the last update?

Thank you very much in advance !

We’re planning to include our new SMB implemented in 5.6.9, and are hoping to start beta testing very soon.

This should help with the reliability and speed of SMB, and if you are interested in testing this early please let me know and I can add you to TestFlight.

I went to NFS on my Synology long before the last update, and I recommend to everyone to do the same.

Thanks to you!
Oh yes, I would love to be part of your beta test program. I’m a real fan since the beginning of your work (I bought the first aTV flash; -))…

I will also test the NFS on the advice of timstephens24!

Thank you and good luck in the development which must be exciting!

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I’ve been experiencing almost identical issues, however I stream via SMB from a Windows network share. Is it possible for me to sign up for the beta and test to see if it resolves the issue?

I asked it appositely in a thread, but I’ll ask here as well: why with NFS when my MacBook Pro (the server) is on WiFi the bandwidth is 1/3-1/2 of what I get via DLNA or WebDAB? It’s nearly fine for 4K HDR movies (they don’t buffer but skipping becomes a bit of a pain), while watching hi bitrate (60+ Mbps) demo videos I keep getting buffering. DLNA/WebDAV instead even play the Jellyfish bitrate tests (jell.yfish.us) at 90 and 120Mbps (well, for sure at 90).

Good morning, everyone,
I’m going crazy.
With the NAS synology, while everything was working perfectly after the iOS 11.2.5 update, this no longer works…
The wheel spins for 1 minute before even loading a 1080p movie!
I tried everything… I went to NFS, SMB1,2… 3… nothing! I can’t read my files properly.

I thought it was because of my hard drives.
So from SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) I passed on 2 disks separated in Basic, without copy, ext4… (in the annoyance I lost 3Tb of backup!)

To become more crazy, we can’t see the logs on this f**** AppleTV. With each update it’s the same hell! This year apple’s gonna drive us nuts.

I’ll try VLC to see if it works better…

Just to check, are you sure that the drives are awake when you tried and that your NAS is not in hibernation? (I also have synology NAS using NFS). You don’t happen to have another Apple TV, even 4th gen, around to test? What about on iphone/ipad? Any issues there?

Thank you very (very !) much munpip214!
Yes, that was it ! The automatic hibernation of the NAS prevented the infuse connection.
Before the formatting of my hard disks I installed the plex server which had automatically disabled hibernation. After formatting, now using only Infuse, I hadn’t reinstalled Plex and hibernation was active.

Thank you so much for that trick.
There is no longer any improvement of the SMB protocol! We look forward to this James ;-)!

No problem!