Buffering of 4K Movies

I have Infuse Pro 6 and I’m getting a lot of buffering when viewing 4K movies on my Apple TV 4K. I have an internet speed of 100mb/s. I’m not sure what the issue is. Anyone else having the same issue?

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First, unless you’re streaming away from home or via a remotely located storage like a cloud drive your internet speed isn’t what determines streaming quality. Usually it’s either a marginal WiFi connection or equipment that can’t handle the network speeds needed for some high bit rate files. Are you using WiFi or Ethernet? What kind of file? x265 HEVC, high bit rate, mp4, mkv, etc. How are you connected? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

The computer that has the external hard drive connected to it is using WiFi (doesn’t have an Ethernet port), my apple tv is connected via Ethernet. The files that are giving me trouble are HEVC. I’m not sure about your last question (SMB, FTP, DLNA). How would I figure that out?

If your computer is on wifi then that’s the problem. Wifi bandwidth is shared amongst all the clients connecting.

Not necessarily, I’m running an iMac wirelessly and it serves my 4K video files without a hitch. If the op has a less than optimal wireless link then that may be the issue but it’s not a given that wireless servers can’t stream 4k high bit rate files.

To determine what protocol you’re using go to Settings > Shares > Click on your “Saved Share” that has your files > then Click on “Edit Share”

The protocol you’re using will be just below the name. If you’re using SMB then click on “Advanced” and the SMB version should be on “Auto”

Thanks for your help! Looking at my share it says the protocol is SMB and it’s on Auto.

A couple of tests to see if you can negate some of the delay, first change the SMB from Auto to “2” and save. If that doesn’t work, try changing it to “Legacy” . A majority of the time Auto is spot on but a few setups work better with either “2” or “Legacy”. If neither works better, go ahead and return the setting to Auto. Don’t forget to save each time you change.

When I changed it to “2,” it kept giving me an error when I’d go to play a movie. On “legacy,” the buffering was just as bad as auto.

I’m still going with bad wifi. I’d recommend buying a USB-C Or regular USB Ethernet adapter for your computer and connecting with that.

Well, best to go back to Auto then. No harm in trying free fixes. How close is your computer to the wireless router? Same room or separated by multiple walls? Also, what band are you using? 2.4 or 5Ghz?

It’s literally right next to the router in our entertainment center. Since it’s so close I have it on 5Ghz.

That should work being that close. Can you describe what you mean by buffering? Is it taking a while to start and playing ok after? Is it pausing every so often during playback? What kind of computer?

It’s pausing every minute or so with the little spinning circle icon in the center of the screen, then resumes, then another a minute or so it pauses…rinse repeat. Our computer is less than a year old. It’s an HP Envy x360 laptop with an 8th generation core i7 processor and 8gb of RAM.

One other thought, what type and model router?

It’s a Sagemcom FAST 5280 router and a Arris TM1602 modem.

It looks like that model router will support SMB file sharing for attached USB devices.

You may try using this to see if it makes a difference, as it would allow you to eliminate the Wi-Fi variable, which can make a difference when streaming 4K videos.

I’m sorry, the router I quoted is the one I am already using. My laptop connects to it wirelessly as it doesn’t have an Ethernet port. Are you suggesting that I get an Ethernet adapter for my computer? If so, is there a type you recommend? Thanks!

Sorry, what I meant was you can connect the USB drive directly to the router. Doing this will allow it be accessed on the network by all your devices (even if your laptop is powered off or sleeping).

This would have the effect of allowing Infuse to connect to the USB drive using ethernet only (no Wi-Fi) which may help improve playback performance in your setup.

Is there any kind of tutorial with instructions on how to do that?