Buffering movies

Hi Experts,

I have just upgraded to the Pro version on my ipad, however to my dismay I am unable to enjoy the full version.

Whenever I try to play videos on my apple tv (not the latest model) through my ipad (Model - A1430), I only get the loading icon on my Television and the videos are played like after 2 minutes which means I have to wait for 2 mins to see the video play on my television. It was all hunky dory when I had the unpaid version and I was watching it without any problems. I thought if the unpaid version is so good, then the paid version will be much much better than the unpaid. But I am really disappointed as there is a great deal of delay when I airplay the videos on my apple tv.

When you want to rewind like for 10 seconds , you have to wait again for 2 mins to see it. My whole family is cursing me for buying the full version of this app. :frowning:

Please help me if you have a solution to this problem. I want to shut my family members up and prove that it was the right decision to buy the full version of this app.


Sorry about that. Can you try updating to 4.2 to see if that helps?

Another thing to keep in mind is streaming and AirPlaying will require a fairly decent Wi-Fi signal, since the videos are streaming to Infuse from your NAS, and then streamed from Infuse to the Apple TV.

Thanks for your reply James. I have updated the app now to 4.2 and here is the feedback.

I didnt have to wait much this time for the movie to play on my Apple TV, however when I drag the timeline forward (as I wanted to resume from where I had stopped watching) the movie just doesnt play on my Apple TV. Please help. The pro app is a disaster as it doesnt play the movies on Apple TV.