Buffering movies with high bitrate

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

some movies i watch start to buffer after about 20 min,
i dont know why for sure but its probably bcus the bitrate is rly high since it only happend to me with movies with bitrate bigger than 60MBPS or so…

i have “Hacksaw Ridge” in 15mbps and 71mbps!, when i started with the bigger one the movie started buffering after 20 min, then i switched to the smaller one and it played smooth, in lower quality ofcurse.

im using LG C1 TV, appletv 4k 2nd gen as streaner and plex as aserver on my computer where i keep al the movies.
my LAN network support 1gb.

anything i can do to make it work? tnx all :slight_smile:

This is one of the most common requests. I recommend searching the forums for your answers. Here is another thread from a day ago that may have some answers for you

tnx but i couldnt find anything helpful there, im already hardwired.
also my problem is not about the file size, but the bitrate

What protocol are you using (SMB, FTP,etc)?

What kind of “computer” are you streaming from?

What does the speed test in Infuse show after you run a complete speed test on the movie that gives you problems?

Can you provide a screen cap of the graph from that test?

using my windows 10 i5 8gen 1050ti “gaming” pc to store the files, and using PLEX as a server.

ill check the speed test and let u know