Buffering Issues

I’m using the ATV 4K, Mac Mini Server running Plex. I get about 150 mbps down and it’s running on Wi-Fi, not an ethernet line.

My 4K movies are playing but every few minutes it starts to buffer. My Plex Server is showing that it’s Direct Play for video and audio at 127 mbps.

Any idea why the buffering is happening?

What is this referring to? Did you do the speed test in infuse? Or are you talking about internet speeds. If so, there isn’t a direct correlation to internet speeds. Wifi is generally very problematic and most likely the issue. Although you might see peek transfer speeds at 150, it may not be sustained. 4K UHD can get up to 128Mbps. If you can try Ethernet and see if it resolves your issues.

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Yeah, that’s the internet speed. Not the Infuse test. I unfortunately can’t do ethernet because of where everything is setup. Any other options?

Do the infuse test and see what you get and go from there. If you doing a plex connection it should be pretty fast so the limiter will be WiFi connection. Make sure you are on 802.11ac but that is limited to 866Mbps on Apple TV which is probably like 500 or less real world. You start going to another room you get cut way down. 5GHz doesn’t have the penetration you would need though and 2G is too slow