Buffering Issues with ver6 and MKV files

Hello. I have a 6TB hard drive plugged in to my router and ever since the update to version 6 of infuse I’ve had some really bad buffering issues.

I am running through an Apple TV which is on the latest version. Everything is hardwired in to my Netgear r6900 router. I’m not sure what the issue is but I’ve removed and reconnected the network location within infuse a couple times.

I have the network drive connected through SMB legacy because I read a similar issue another user was having and someone suggested that and it worked for them. I have also tried connecting it through all the other SMB options as well with no luck.

I’m trying to stream Blu-ray mkv file types. Some of them will start right away but after 10-15 seconds it will stop and buffer. If I wait a few minutes it still won’t load.

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With the recent improvements of the SMB in Infuse most will find the Auto selection gives the best results.

I know you said you tried the others but you might want to make sure you’re updated to version 6.0.3 and give the “Auto” setting another go.

Hi there, yes I am updated to version 6.0.3 and I have tried the auto as well as legacy setting.

Would the format of my drive me an issue? Does it need to be a specific format?

The format of the drive shouldn’t make a difference. As long as your router is able to see it and share it on the network, Infuse will be able to see the networked drive and format doesn’t really come into play.

However, just for fun, you may try a second drive and see if things work any better for you.