Buffering issues with high bitrate content


I am having a persistent buffering issues, more frequently when running high bitrate content like 4K remux file. The video plays for a few minutes at a time and then needs to buffers for a few seconds constantly. Sometimes it randomly happens towards the end of a movie, then persists.

The issue usually starts after pausing a video and then resuming, or when waking up the ATV from sleep. Force closing Infuse and starting again does not work, but restarting the ATV usually resolves the issue although this is an annoyance to have to do daily.


  • Infuse - latest version (issue has been occurring for a few months)
  • Windows 10 with SMB share - latest updates applied
  • Windows Server is connected over a gigabit connection with a CAT7 cable
  • ATV is connected wirelessly and sits next to the router
  • The router runs consistently at +400mbps over a Wifi AC and 5Ghz connection when running speed tests a few meters from the device.


There’s no guarantee that files will play without issue over wifi especially when using SMB. What results do you get when running a speed test in infuse? Does the issue go away when running via ethernet?

An easy test since the ATV is sitting next to the router, try a Ethernet cable instead.

This would be the easiest and fastest test to see if you may be encountering WiFi issues.

You also may want to check and see if you router has a QoS (Quality if Service) setting that you could set for giving the ATV priority.

Typically QoS is only applied on WAN traffic as it’s CPU intensive.

Well, I’m no network engineer but I’ve seen it solve a buffering issue on a local net a few times with streaming local media.

It was just a suggestion to try. :wink:

Going down another rabbit hole, would you check your ATV settings under “General” > “Usage”>“Background App Refresh” and see what apps are allowed to refresh in the background?

Just for grins, if you have apps other than Infuse that are allowed background refresh could you turn them to off and then try it again?

It may take a while for the setting change to take effect so you may want to wait a bit before trying to watch a movie after you change the settings.

I’m just wondering if the background app refresh for another app may be starting when Infuse is not doing any heavy lifting and just showing a video but when it comes time to fetch more data to refill the buffers Infuse may be competing with other apps usage of the internet and causing Infuse to wait till it finishes or comes to a stopping point.

I’ll give the ethernet port a try over the next few days to see if I can reproduce.

Other notes from testing today:
ATV 4K Wifi - min 75 mbps, avg 86 mbps (infuse speed test)
ATV 4K Wifi - avg 175 mbps (reported from Windows when starting new video which I assume is pulling more data into the buffer)
ATV 4K Ethernet - min 91 mbps, avg 104 mbps (infuse speed test)
ATV 4K Ethernet (from NVME) - min 106 mbps, avg 120 mbps (infuse speed test)
iPhone - Windows reports 22Mbs → 176mbps (infuse file download)

Wifi Stress test working successfully - avg 200 mbps reported in windows running 2 4K Remux streams and 1 4K Webrip stream successfully over wifi simultaneously.

Last file I had issues with had an avg bitrate of 60mbps. When I do have the issue on the ATV over Wifi, rebooting the ATV solves the issue for the same file under the same network conditions.

Are SMB shares generally problematic in comparison to UPNP? Would it be more reliable to switch?

Do you have any security software running on your windows machine such as AV or HIPS? Basically anything that would add a network filtering driver into the system. Try disabling that.

People have had speed issues with SMB and have had success moving over to another protocol such as FTP, NFS or something like Plex/emby server. I’d stay away from UPnP

Just BitDefender on default settings. Haven’t had any issues with this on Infuse in the past.

When it does happen again, I’ll submit diagnostic data

SMB works fine for many users. If you switch to UPnP or DLNA you will lose many features of Infuse concerning the metadata and library functions. I run SMB on several devices without a problem both 4K and the HD versions.