Buffering Issues please help

Hey Folks,
So, I connected my hard drive directly to my airport extreme and am attempting to stream movies to my apple tv4. I continuously have buffering issues. Any way to fix this? Settings I should take a look at?

Conversely, I’ve also attempted connecting my hard drive straight to the router. Infuse recognizes the router and will allow me to create a network, but when I attempt to add folders and build library, it only shows a bunch of channel folders that when I click on, appear to be empty.

Any help is appreciated. New here, so sorry if I’ve broken any rules or posted something that’s already been covered.


Is your Apple TV connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

The Apple TV is currently limited to 100 Mbps via Ethernet, and many people have been reporting much better performance when using Wi-Fi which is capable of up to 1 Gbps.

Personally I would stick with a wired (ethernet) connection. Wireless is too prone to interference from other wireless signals, walls, glass, pipes in the walls etc. And 1Gbps is the theoretical speed if you have the perfect setup and your router is sitting right next to you tv.

You will never get more than 100Mbps from a wired connection with the STV4 as that is a limitation of the ATV4 hardware. Even if your router is capable of 1Gps wired links the ATV4 one is limited to 100Mbps by the ATV4 end of the link. Having said that I do agree that the wired link gives more predictable speeds.