Buffering issues in Infuse (VLC too)

Same Bug but Lagacy did not solve my issues!

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A bit more info may help.

What tvOS or iOS are you running?
How is it connected to the network? WiFi, Ethernet?
Have you checked the other apps in the background app refresh per the above post?
Does this happen on all videos?
Did you try setting SMB to “2”?

All software on newest version!
NAS and AppleTV are on a Gigabit LAN Connection!
Tried every smb version and with Auto or Lagacy buffering method!

Infuse is the only background App

This happened only on 4K HDR Videos!

But I have the same problem on VLC for AppleTV too!

Version numbers help with so many users running public betas or maybe not quite up to a recent updated version. :wink:

Sorry no beta user! version from TVOS Store

You may want to try the new release of infuse to see if that helps.

If it’s also happening with VLC does the buffering start right away or after the video has played a while?

Could you try setting the “Streaming Cache” to Legacy and see if that helps?

I’d also recommend running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are getting from your source.

This can be done by viewing the share’s settings on iOS, Apple TV, or Mac.

Sorry newest update was not helping with my issue!

VLC is no alternative because the Soundcodec is not correct recognized (right front Monitor keep quiet).

As written before is makes no different if using legacy or auto buffering method.

What do you get when you do a speed test on one of the 4K files as James mentioned above?

Average streaming speed is 70Mbps on infuse speedtest!
When force stereo on my Receiver the buffering is not so much but I am not sure!

OK, well 70 is probably not fast enough to do 4K which is why you’re experiencing buffering. If you are hardwired everywhere, then maybe it is the disk that you were sharing is too slow or perhaps you’re switch/router that is a problem. We’ve seen reports of peoples’ other devices that are plugged into the same router/switch or even their Nas that causes the overall connection to slow down. Do you happen to have a USB drive plugged into your Nas? Try disconnecting everything except the connection to the Apple TV and see what happens.

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