Buffering issue!

Till now Infuse 7 was working like charm so smoothly on same setting as mentioned below :point_down:
4TB HDD connected to Old Laptop SMB (default setting)/ ATV4k 2021 connected to Lg CX> All devices connected via same Wi-Fi.

I noticed this buffering issue only couple of days ago , till now it was working perfectly.
Could it be reason as I am adding more movies to HDD ? I see buffering every 10 seconds,

And what is ideal hook for media sharing ?

Also, did anyone notice Apple Audio Streaming quality has been downgraded compared to native Apps of TV. I guess Something related to ATV Device?

My first guess would be something is going on with the WiFi. Try a speed test in infuse share settings. Unless multiple devices are reading and/or writing to the hard drive at the same time I wouldn’t expect a significant impact to drive performance.

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Thanks a ton!! You are right some stuff were being uploaded in background and I had to run optimization and post that its working fine.


Hi and Back Again,
Buffering issue started again!
I just did a complete ATV4K reset, Fresh Installed Infuse7 and Set SMB to Legacy! But still every 5 second it beging buffering and when movie resumes audio is dissapears!

Content is 50+GB streaming over WiFi, also I checked the speed test which show me 29Mbps and minimum 8 Mbps speed! Stopped all App background fresh from ATV setting, disabled Siri.

Unable to find the cause of this buffering

Two other things to try, on the ATV setting for Background Refresh, try setting only Infuse to be allowed and on the Infuse settings try changing the Streaming Cache to Legacy.

For your WiFi, are you on the 2.4Ghz band or the 5Ghz band? Is the old laptop also on WiFi? Any chance of trying a temporary test with Ethernet for both?

Background refresh and Siri shouldn’t affect anything during playback. You would want to have a min 60Mbps for HD and 100Mbps for 4K. So you have a serious network issue going on if only 8Mbps. As @NC_Bullseye stated try hardwiring the connection and see.

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