Buffering in new 4K

I am a infuse fanatic. Always works perfectly but we bought new 4K Apple TV and every 4K movie that I tried is buffering for 10 seconds each 30 seconds. Netflix in 4K works fine and I wish know if can be an infuse issue. Or simply the new Apple TV 4K is not so powerful than I expected. My bandwidth is enough we have 300Mbs and the files app in mi smart TV plays every 4K movie even 80gb files.

Can you help me?

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Has you the Mediainfo from this files? Which codec, bitrate etc…

How you play this files? Cloud?

I am having this problem as well. I am streaming 4k files from a Synology NAS over 802.11ac. The bit rate of the file I tried last night is 64.4 mbps, which 802.11ac should be able to handle. I am on 5.5.4.

If you have access (even temporarily) to hard wire gigabit Ethernet network you might want to try that and see if the problem persists. While “theoretically” AC WiFi should run those speeds it’s not a sure thing. I’ve seen good connections on AC drop drastically by the slightest change in surroundings like moving a chair or a door closing or opening.

I’m connected by Ethernet and the problem is the same.

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If you can drop us a quick report from your device we can look further into this.

Thanks, I just did.

Me too.

Has it been determined whether this is an Infuse-wide problem or some issue with our particular setups?

Mine plays perfectly, no buffering at all.

Mine works great.

I am having this problem as well. I am streaming 4k files from my IMAC , wifi from iMAC TO router …ethenet cable from router to apple TV … i will sent my logs to …

What year iMac?


Can you detail your setups? Are you connecting over 802.11ac or gigabit ethernet?

I dont believe in Wireless if I want to do any kind of streaming. Gigabit Ethernet all the way and make sure you have a powerful NAS as well. I have the latest Synology. Streamed with no issues at all. DOnt even try wireless if you want 4K.

I have a DS216j with two Reds connected over gigabit to an Airport Extreme. 802.11ac should be fast enough to stream a 65mbps file to an Apple TV from the airport.

You see my files are MKV extension. What is your file extension? I know ISO files have issues playing back and could also be BDMV files too.

x264 MKV.

You need to make sure to run smoothly you need X265 which is HEVC codec. H264 wont fly and you will buffer regardless.