Buffering every 1-2 min

I have buffering problems as well.

My setup is:
LaCie USB 3.0 2TB connected to a Mac mini M1 that is connected to the router through LAN with a CAT8 cable and so is Apple TV 4K (2nd gen.).

I tried to watch two different movies and I had buffering issues every 1-2 minutes.
It’s completely unusable.

External HDD format was APFS, now switching to NTFS to directly connect it to my router (ASUS DSL-AX82U) and then I’ll try again.

PS: switching between Streaming Cache options didn’t solve the issue.

Can you try running a speed test for this share in Infuse? This will test the actual network performance Infuse is able to get with the current network and streaming protocol combination.

Infuse > Add Files > Edit Share > Speed Test

I formatted the hard disk to NTFS file system and now it’s directly connected to my router. Speedtest seems fine.

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