Buffering Blu-ray ISO files

So i have burnt all of my DVD and Blu-ray library and stored them on two NAS Servers, DVD (Qnap) BluRay (Thecus). I can stream the DVD’;s fine but suffer veery bad buffering of the BluRay to the IPAD on the same network. My internal network is an Orbi Mesh and has good bandwidth.

If i unstandardised this correctly this should be possible, Infuse see;a the files and scraps them correctly starts to play but then spinning wheel of buffering and i give up. Is there any thing i have missed here in the setup or something special I need to do on the Setup or playback for this?


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What protocol are you using to connect to your servers? If you’re using SMB you may want to try switching to SMB 2 or SMB Legacy.

Thank you i will try that tonight and let you know…

Thank you , switched to Legacy and all good thanks again

Great! Glad you’re up and running.

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