Buffering and not playing in Apple TV in the latest update 6.3.1

I just connected my MacBook Air to share with infuse pro 6.3.1 in Apple TV but even after successful connection the app seems to buffer forever and not play even a single frame what could be the issue? please help

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A bit more info would sure help.

Wired or wireless connection?

Protocol of connection SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

What type of file are you trying to play?

Did you set up sharing on the Mac?

Has Infuse gathered the metadata such as artwork and text describing the video?

This info would help get started on figuring out what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Its a wireless connection. SMB protocol. trying to play a mkv file after setting up sharing in my Mac . yes infuse has gathered all metadata perfectly, the only problem is playback is buffering. th e speed test was also too slow. 0.20 mbps.

As a test can you temporarily connect the atv, router, and Mac via Ethernet just to see if there is an issue with the wireless connections?

Actually it was working perfectly before, I see this issue only after updating to this version. Also I won’t be able to connect all of them through ethernet. Im a pro user of infuse for the past 2 years.This is the only time I’m facing such problems. please rectify.

Hard to rectify anything without figuring out what’s going on. If you add a new show to your library does Infuse see it and fetch the correct metadata since the update?

Fetching metadata is smooth. No issues in that.

Could you try a restart of the ATV?

Just to clarify, you have added new content since the update to 6.3.1 and Infuse sees it and finds the metadata?

yes that’s right. After the update it gets the correct metadata as usual. but some problem with the speed of streaming, I don’t know. its buffering a lot.

yes. currently trying that.

It almost has to be something with the network connection when you get a .20mbps.

I’m averaging right at 100 mbps on my WiFi connected and higher on the Ethernet connected ATVs.

restarting the ATV made it to run for a few seconds and again started buffering. At least would be happy if it started playing after quite a time of buffering but it just hangs there.

okay. then maybe I will restart my modem and try doing it again. anyway thanks for the help for now.

Couple of more questions.

In Settings what is Streaming Cache set at? If on Auto maybe try Legacy and if in Legacy try Auto.

Second, in Settings > Shares > Saved Shares > select the share on the Macbook then select Edit Share > select Advanced > What SMB version are you using?

Your welcome, good luck! I’ll try and check back a little later today and see what you found in the settings and if the changes helped.

I too am now suddenly having buffering issues just tonight. I tested my internet connection and it’s fine. Something is wrong with this latest update.

Internet connection doesn’t have much to do with playing videos in Infuse unless your using a cloud server.

My Ethernet cables are just a few months old and are certified from mono price. It’s not them. The only thing that has changed is the update.

Okay, lets find out what you’re getting for network speed.

Go to Settings > Shares > Saved Shares > Select the share that has the video that is causing you problems > Select “Speed Test” near the bottom > Locate the video file you area having problems with and click on it > Start Test > Let it run through and then tell us what you’re getting for Average Speed and Minimum Speed. If you are getting low speeds then look at the graph and see if it’s on a cycle or if it’s just the whole time you’re trying to play it.