Buffering all the time. NAS is at fault?

Hi everyone! I know that this might not be Infuse’s fault, but this is a very helpful community, so maybe someone will know?

So, before I moved to another country (Canada) everything was great. I an using Apple TV (latest gen) in combination with Synology DiskStation DS220+. Sadly, while my internet speed is 150 mbps, but internal speed from NAS is limited to 50 mbps, which is not enough for 4K streaming.

I am not a very tech-savvy person, and I have no idea what to fix. Is it the router? Back home I used the Huawei one, but here my provider, Telus, gave me their own. Maybe there’s a setting? I am using NFS, and all my previous settings which seemed to work great.

Thanks a lot!

Internet speed doesn’t make a difference unless you are trying to stream away from home. It you are only getting 50 at home while on WiFi then you most likely need to adjust your network setup. If you plug in an Ethernet cable that would be best. If not, then try moving your router around. Or you might have to get another router. But for starters just get an Ethernet cable and see if your problems go away.

Yeah I know it doesn’t matter, just general information.
I know Ethernet is the best, sadly, it’s not an option now. I tried moving the routher, the speed is strangely still limited to 50. Maybe there are router settings I should know about?

Are you doing a Speedtest within the infuse app? Also if you have an iPhone can you try a Speedtest there?

Yes, within Infuse. I have an iPad, I don’t know where the speedtest is in the settings there.

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Thanks! Yeah, the speed is the same, never going above 50.

What WiFi band are you connecting to? 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

It’s 5Ghz.

Can you provide a make and model number of the router?

Sure! Actiontec T3200M.

What @munpip214 said about the Ethernet cable for testing would really help eliminate a lot of things. Even if it’s a cable laying on the floor temporarily between the ATV and the router for a few minutes just to do a speed test would help.

Can you post a screenshot of the Speedtest graph?

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