Buffer Indicator gone missing :(


have an Apple TV 4K.

I had to perform a reset on my Apple TV because of constant WiFi connectivity issues. Getting errors like incorrect password, and not connecting at all and a total nightmare.

Resetting (factory reset) was the last resort, but it seems to have sorted out the issue.

I see now that my Infuse 6 no longer shows me the buffer indicator on seek bar. It just up and disappeared. Why :frowning:

It shows up in a lighter grey and tells you that it’s basically cached part of the rest of the movie etc etc.

Also a suggestion, please change the colour of the bugger indicator. Like a transparent green or something. Because the light grey is a little too blendy with the rest of the seek bar.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: Love Infuse 6 btw!

Okay…so a little premature. It was my poor internet that was the issue. After doing speedtests rebooting the router it resolved the issue.

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