BTstack with ATV2 and ATVflash Questions

Looking for step-by-step instructions to get my wireless bluetooth keyboard and, if possible, my wireless magic trackpad communicating with ATV2.  


I downloaded BTstack from NitoTV, but in settings it does not detect either of these devices.  It picks up a couple of others that may belong neighbors of mine (I don't recognize them).


Can somebody provide a novice like me some guidance here?




Folks may have seen this, but here is footage of the functionality I'm trying to achieve:




i have the same problems - can someone please explain how to do this?

Here's the Apple URL to their directions for the instructions below


You have to get the bluetooth keyboard in "discover" mode.

1. make sure you have fresh batteries

2. hold down the right side button for 4 seconds or until the green light starts blinking and keep holding it, until it goes out, then release

3. lowtide -> Settings -> Custom settings

4. Settings -> BTstack - Searching...

5. briefly tapp the right side button to turn it on, get a green light

6. the keyboard icon, with its name and bluetooth address will appear, along with any other BT devices in range

7. use remote to select your keyboard

8. paring process should begin, it should prompt to type a sequence on the keyboard like 0000

9. it will complete the pairing and say something like "xyz's keyboard is connected"

A. mouse and iTouch, iPod will be discovered but haven't seen a pairing process, but haven't explored it either

B. after the pairing anytime the keyboard is in range or its freshly powered up it will recognize and auto-pair, sliding up a small transluscent notification of the connection

C. keyboard keys like arrow keys ESC, Enter work as expected, mappings seem near perfect for lowtide, a bit odd for xbmc

D. occasionally will get dbl clicking if you try to pair more than once (like trying to document), power reboot and reconnect "once" or let it autoconnect to clear the problem

Haven't seen the mouse actually be useful, but also haven't worked at it hard.. I've rationalize there are no apps that really need the mouse yet.




NOTE: while the keyboard is paired with the AppleTV is will not work with another device, like a Mac-mini, to unpair it, shutdown the AppleTV2 start up the Mac-mini and re-pair it with the Mac-mini. There's no easy way to switch pair that I've seen but after both are paired, it seems both remember and first one to pair on boot up "wins" aluminum wireless keyboard does conserve power and go to sleep and quickly wakes itself and the AppleTV2 from slumber like you'd expect

NOTE2: if you leave bluetooth discovery going for a while you'll see just how truly sensitive it is, I live in an appartment and pickup Mac books through the walls and ceiling and floor around me. Just be aware it might be annoying your neighbors when you leave search going.



I had bt stack working fine with my apple wireless keyboard. Now bt stack finds my keyboard… it goes to the paring window…asks for 0000 I enter it and get nothing…just sits there…any help would be great!


i got it working.   holding down the power button on your apple keyboard until the light goes on then off again, THEN turing it back on is the trick.  i can switch back and forth from my atv2 and imac with ease.  thanks.

Thanks …I’ll try again…

I’ve tried again with no success…I get to the paring screen then enter0000 and it just sits there…oh well…was nice while it worked…thanks again!

Try restarting the AppleTV2 completely and then get the keyboard in discovery mode and select it for pairing.

Some odd behavior can occur if you accidently pair it twice on the same boot.

Luckily it forgets about the keyboard entirely across a cold reboot of the device.


Why do we need a bluetooth keyboard?  For some kind of BROWSER with the APPLETV 2?  Does that give the user a good experience with the BROWSER on the TV?  Would be shocked that someone could find some efficient functionality that is better than the ergonomics of an IPHONE of an IPAD or a DESKTOP computer, or a LAPTOP.

Just trying to understand what you get out of it, and not trying to be a troll or be snippy.  Would like to understand the other perspectives.


For me I use it mostly when I’m in XBMC…typing texy is a pain in the ass with the apple remote. One thing i need to do in xbmc Is to open the content menu…the c. Key…can’t do that with a apple remote! There are other functions in XBMC that used shortcut keys to gain access to other functions…try the I. Key for info…I’ll try the cold reboot…hoping it works for me! Thanks for the help peeps!

Update…tried again…no success…bt stack finds my apple keyboard…connects…but will not allow me to pair…I give up…thanks again folks!

Agreed Xbmc is the primary reason, however I find it useful anytime I have to type something into a search or password field.

It's not like you have to use it all the time, and there are no cables to muck about with.

Besides that the Apple Bluetooth Aluminum keyboard makes a nice looking accessory next to the black hockey puck when I do pull it out.

I use it for XBMC.  Its a million times better, because of the keyboard shortcuts and entering text (which stinks on regular atv2, but its even worse in xbmc).

I was able to get ATV2 to pair with my bluetooth keyboard just fine to test issue is now I can not get it to UN-Pair.  I dont use it much with my ATV2 and it keeps fighting with my mac on the first pair wins... how do I delete the pairing from ATV2.  I tried removing (uninstalling) the BTStack, but it still pairs. 

I´m using ATV2 with new beta5 and an apple bt kb with btstack.

If it works, it works great but often the kb loose pairing with the atv2. Then I must go to more settings and connect it again. I do this about 10times/day :frowning:

Has anyone same problems?

Thanks for help


ive done it!!!

just installed  bt stack  in nitotv enabled it then on the main menu went to settings  custom settings and  found bt stack  then did the Holding down the power in the keyboard  and  hold it back again till it found it and  asked me to tipe 0000  and its done  then went back upstairs with keyboard on  and took few seconds till my machine  was comunicating again with my keyboard  no need to turn it off



Imac 21" intel core i5 running snow leopard


I bought an Apple Bluetooth keyboard with German layout.
This I connected using BTstack.
Works well so far.
However, the character assignment is not reporting (English)
So if I “z will hit “y and so on…
How can I change it?

Thank you for your help


This information is very good with one exception, it doesn’t tell you how to get to lowtide.  I have the ATV2 with Firecore software.  Using the AckwardTV menus I have enabled both the BT Keyboard function as well as the Human Interface add-on (mouse?).  

I have not been able to find direct access to the Lowtide menu this article mentions.  Can someone lend a helping hand please.





Hi …
having problems with BT-STACK and my BT Keyboard … It finds It but it’s stuck on CONNECTING …

any Ideas about how to fix it?


Apple TV2  4.4.4


same here - it finds the keyboard (apple bt keyboard) and when you select the found device it shows the “Connecting” screen. the keyboard still blinks away but the connecting screen sticks.