Browsing videos by country of origin

Will navigate by country be implemented ahead? It would be very useful for those of us who are cinephiles. It’s regarding tvOS.


First I would like to thanks for this wonderful app that actually works very well. :slight_smile:

Here is my wishlist:

Sorting movies by country (In my opinion very important)
Sorting movies by director (In my opinion very important)
Sorting movies by resolution
Multipart-movies support
The number of movies more easily visible (maybe when browsing the library)
Ratings from other sources

Maybe you already got all this on your radar but good to mention anyway, maybe.

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Could it be possible to have a new library category with movies/series sorted by country of origin ?
(I know most US customer are watching only US movies :wink:

This could be a real plus for non US clients :slight_smile:

Thanks, Denis

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I like the idea, but I’m not sure that actually captures “country of origin” information for metadata retrieval. Spoken language may be as close as you will get.

Is it also possible to add filter by country? Thanks!

Seeing as we can sort the library by Genre, Age, Decade, it would be great if we could also sort by country/language

Would it be possible to add a filter option for different country’s

We know that when adding a movie module on the homepage, you can choose to divide it by resolution. For example, 4K movies. But this is not enough, I hope it can be divided by country. General TV series also hope to be added to the homepage module by country.
This is good for chasing dramas. When emby has tens of thousands of resources, it is really difficult to find the resources I want to watch. For example, I only want to watch American dramas, Korean dramas, or Chinese dramas. After adding this function , you can easily get the TV series or movies of your favorite country on the home page



I don’t know if this was mentioned before but I think is good idea to be able to search by country. I have some movies from Spain, Mexico, República Dominicana & Puerto Rico that would be nice to be able just to search by country instead of keep thinking the name of the movies & have to create a playlist.

Plus by language if it’s possible.


I had to wait 6 years to get the trailers… but I’m going to have to wait another 6 years to be able to read my own trailers and have the country of the film!!!

I’m surprised that you have no interest in the origin of the film … I remind you that not all films are American!

I moved your post to a thread requesting this feature.

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You should know, Firecore is an American company…

Most Americans don’t speak anything other than English and some broken Spanish.

Most Americans can’t stand subtitles.

It’s assumed that everyone else do the reciprocal.

Hence there is no point seperating by country of origin because there are only two options, your origin and the USA. You don’t need a filter for that.

I’m sorry but you are completely wrong. Most Americans don’t know how to speak English ! :joy: I think from an elocution standpoint they all speak better Spanish :joy::joy::joy:

I remember like 6 years ago I was talking with a coworker, I told her that here in Puerto Rico we have the movies in English & Spanish language and her mind blown away. She was so confused. I can’t understand that movies are dubbed in many languages. In that moment I understood that some people live around their own bubble.

We all know that there is the United States… and the rest of the world!

Infuse is sold internationally, so don’t look at it just for the natives!

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But all the Transformer ones are, so take that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Bumping this thread. I’m coming from Kodi and classifying by Country of origin was a very handy feature. Please bring this feature to Infuse. I’m sure this is relatively easy to implement considering the metadata are here!

It does a lot more if you don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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Woopsie :slight_smile: New to that!

I hope to support more categories, such as country, actor, director, etc. I like many specific works of certain countries or directors and screenwriters. The current Infuse cannot achieve this.

Actually, I would prefer if Infuse supports “advanced filtering” that allows combining multiple filter conditions. For example, being able to save a combination filter like “Ang Lee’s romantic movies from the 90s” as an “intelligent folder” for easy reference in the future.