Browsing Network Shares really slow

I am looking for an alternative to running kodi on my iPad. I came across your this app and tested it using my SMB network folder shares where I have lots of movies and TV Shows. The problem i have is how long it takes to open a folder to see my content, this is instant in kodi but takes way too long with Infuse.

Also artwork doesn’t seem to cache and takes a long time to load each time I open the app. Is this all normal behaviour? I currently use Kodi with Emby handling my library but it destroys my iPad’s battery but works really well. Also I use TRAKT to sync eateched status, can this work both ways with Infuse?


Once Infuse finishes it’s initial caching of artwork/metadata it will remain cached on your device for quicker loading next time.

You may check to ensure the Embedded Metadata option is disabled (it’s disabled by default) as turning this on will slow down fetching speed a bit.

We also have a new Library view for iOS (like we have on Apple TV) in the works, which will provide a fully indexed view, and allow much faster browsing in general.

Thanks, I will let it cache and see what happens. What about Trakt? Is there a way to have Trakt mark tv shows that I have already watched in Infuse?

Yes, Infuse Pro includes trakt sync, which will allow you to keep watched history in progress in sync between devices.

Items marked as watched on trakt, will be marked as watched in Infuse. Progress of partially watched items will also sync. However, while Infuse supports sending/receiving partially watched statuses to/from trakt, some other clients/apps do not.

Infuse will also sync star ratings with trakt.

I have started the caching but it doesn’t appear to do anything unless I open a folder manually with a tv show in it, then it starts finding meta date. Is this correct? I have added my Tv folder and that has sub folders for each program.

Should I just leave it open in the background to cache as not sure it is doing anything?

James I have a Seagate personal cloud smband opening my movie folder on infuse take minimum 1 minute every time I do it even though the metadata is saved on my iPad. It is the same on my Apple TV infuse app. Any tips to get it faster please?

I agree, I am running the latest version of the iOS app and accessing my Movies SMB share takes far too long to populate. 50 to 60 seconds everytime