Browser/Wi-Fi Upload speed is slow

I just installed infuse 7 from appstore on my ipad pro and not a premium user yet.

I’ve tried to share some big video files (movies 2 to 3 GB) via local wifi from chrome browser on my Android phone to infuse ipad pro but speed is between 5 to 7 MB.

It is slow I thought it could be faster on my 5 GHz wifi.

Is it something wrong here?! How can I improve transfer speed?

I just upgraded to pro and will check this again.

By the way did volume Chanel boost and volume booster unlocked with premium?

And audio of HD videos enhanced with this subscription? I’m confused.

Can you try and see what speeds you get when transferring from a computer (preferably with a wired connection)?

It’s possible you may see lower speeds when transferring from Wi-Fi device to Wi-Fi device as there are 2 variable wireless connections involved.

You can also try transferring via Finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC) over Wi-Fi to see if speeds are faster there.

Upgrading to Pro won’t have any effect on these speeds.

I’ve tried a third party app (SHAREit) and transfer was around 13 MB. I’ll test more.

Edit: I’ve tried some videos but transfer speed is the same.

My archive is on Android not on PC to test it.

Please fix this issue for the next update, also add simultaneous uploading feature for this Wi-Fi transfer.

@james , I hope you fix this soon, it is weird that speed of an alternative app(Shareit) is faster than Infuse 7.
This is 2022 not 5 years ago. check it again and improve this important feature.we all are not on FTP SMB PLEX…BUT we all are on WiFi indeed.