Browser User agent

I think the browser user agent should be set to ipad, because that way you would get to most sites that are set up with the right kind of video for playing rather easily. Right now most sites are asking for you to download falsh or some other plugin. This should work just like on the iphone or ipad but you must give the option to change the user agent you want to use, ie.. iPhone Safari mobile, or iPad Safari mobile.

We debated doing this, though some sites (Hulu) will give you a message stating your iPad is not compatlble - which we thought would be confusing for some users.

Right now the idea is still open for discussion.

I would agree that the User Agent is better off being set to iPad to have better support for sites with lighter versions and html5 video created specifically for iPad. E.g. have iPad version which I suspect will work on ATV. Currently I get low memory warning trying to login as it displays a full desktop version of the website.

Heartily seconded - this might well allow BBC iPlayer to work.

If you're unsure as to whether or not to implement this, suggest you could leave it as-is but make it configurable via ssh and editing a config file? After some 'beta' testing by those happy to go to the extra effort to do this, you could then roll it out as a settings option or just make it the default and still editable via config file depending on community feedback..

i.e. make it a settings option if found to be good for some sites and bad for others, or default if seems to be good for most sites.

Without having seen/tested it, I'm leaning/biased towards that latter, as it's non-editable on the iPhone/iPad (without jailbreak-based fiddling) and doesn't seem to cause a problem on sites that aren't looking for it.. but on the flipside, where it is being detected and the user redirected to a mobile site, that mobile version isn't being viewed on a 32-50'' screen, hence I think a bit of community testing and feedback might be worthwhile :)

(still leaning towards having it as the default though, as: 1) although the TV screen is much bigger, you're much further away from it, and it's being rendered at 1280x720 and possibly being scaled by the TV to some other resolution, so the mobile layout probably still works better in many cases 2) in many cases the mobile version is also lighter in terms of CPU requirements (lighter js and simpler layout, as in the iPad versions of Google Reader, Gmail etc) and the aTV has the same limits in this respect as the iPad 3) all the mobile sites I've seen have a link back to the full site in the footer anyway..)

Right now I think we're leaning towards adding an option in the Settings menu. By default it would be set to 'normal' but could easily be changed to 'iPad'.

Sit tight - more info soon. :-)

+1 I can not wait for that to be implemented

This feature has been added in beta 2. You can now toggle between a 'normal' and 'iPad' user agent through the Browser --> Settings menu.

This will be great - just waiting on that 4.2.1 JB and I'll be away...

Just tried the BBC iPlayer - still doesn't work.


It correctly IDs the browser as an iPad browser, but won't play any video.

great job on the user agent for ipad string, it works great playing video from thebigu it plays the movies great and fast. Now I don't have to download them to the computer first.

sweet work. cant wait to try this!

BTW, my Netflix stops working when I change Browser Agent to iPad. BBC iPlayer doesn't work as it demands landscape mode... doesn't work either - it doesn't do anything when I press play. Can the iPad mode send a default status that it is in landscape somehow?

iPLayer definitely doesn't work.

I have tried the test videos on thebigu, and these don't work either.

In fact - any mp4 I try to play from a web page seems to throw a device running out of memory error.

This was one of the key reasons I bought atvFlash - I know it is beta but having spent ages figuring out the tethered jailbreak on 4.1, its not doing much! Anyone have any solutions?

I tried the test examples on thebigu and they don't play at all with iPad user agent.


Do you find these don't play, but the movies do play once you are signed up?


Or is my AppleTV just not playing ball?

thebigu  movies work great, you have to make sure you set the ipad as the user agent, also make sure you set it to text mode for the list rather than normal mode and that will take care of the memory error. to play the movie you have to select the small little triangle that appears under the movie box, but only when it stays highlighted as a small blue rectangle, if the hightlight of the little arrow is all the way arounf the triangle it won't play. Also between movies you generally have to restart lowtide in nito tv settings to watch another one.

Thanks - I'm guessing text mode only works once you are actually signed up?

the url for the ipad version is

Watching streaming movies now on bigU with no problems at all and great quality! I'm super stoked by this product. :) Good work!!

Oh, and I have ipad as the agent and set on text mode.

Hi there.

Thank you for your huge work!

iPhone/iPod User Agent would be nice, cause some sites does not allow to watch online (movies) - only download if detects that you trying from iPad or higher (comp.)


Has anyone used ustreamtv or justintv on AT2 and got it to work? Please if so advise on what settings were used. I tried both normal mode and Ipad mode with no success.