Browser Extension Brings AirPlay Support to Safari (Mac/PC)

Not sure where to put this but figured it’d be of interest to this crew.


Browser Extension Brings AirPlay Support to Safari (Mac/PC)

I love these extensions… they make my AppleTV the best set-top box around.  I love sending web video straight from Safari on my MacBook Pro to the big screen TV.  No downloading or converting needed, just send it wirelessly immediately and easily.  I love it…


Beware, this only works with iOS 4.3.  Something in iOS 4.4.x apparently breaks it and then it stops playing after about a minute. So for now, STAY ON 4.3!  I am staying there anyway because I want the untethered jailbreak.  I might stay here awhile.  This kind of AirPlay is more interesting and important to me than the WSJ channel, AirPlay mirroring (I have an iPad 1, not 2) and the reorganized movie trailers.


Seriously though – check this out.  If you have an AppleTV and routinely surf the web by your TV, this is fantastic.

Yeah, its pretty cool. I have been using for a while now. There are also rumours of airplay mirroring directly from mac to appletv2 ie. the one that currently is available for ipad2. You may also be interested in this.