Browse Photos & audio libraries on my nas with Apple TV 4k

Infuse provide by far the best movie experience on the Apple TV
Whenever I want to show photos to family located on my nas I need to revert To some basic application like synology ds photo

I can’t use the photos app of the Apple TV as my entire collection 40.000 photos is not synced is I cloud

I would love to get the same experience for photos than the one I get for movies
With function like slideshows of different types, zoom, display info, favorite…

Same for music , I have all my music in flac (lossless compression) that is not supported by Apple iTunes

Infuse would then become my unique entry point to all my medias on my nas


Just want to push this request forward.
My use-cases are only focused on photos and small family videos.

At the moment I’m using KODI on RASPI with a lot of manual effort.
As soon firecore would support it, I would purchase APTV + infuse


Hello there,
I am also interested to know if you are planing to let INFUSE to browse pictures!
It could be great for a definitive media player!

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I also think that this would be great.
As far as I know there is no good app on the AppleTV to view photos.
Support for IPTC, EXIF and XMP would be great.

(i)Cloud is something I don’t want to use.


Add my voice to this too!

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I asked it to the support, they answered me that they will consider the request …
Anyway what is the best app on Apple TV 4K to browse pictures?

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Yes…I would love photo browsing as well - would it be possible to log into google photos and browse those photos? Currently there is no ATV application that does this - it would take Infuse, already a great app, to the next level! :slight_smile:

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I would love this aswell :slight_smile:

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Please add photos support son we can browse our NAS anv view photos in 4k

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I think now INFUSE is mature enough in order to extend the files support.
Please FIRECORE let the application manage images & audio, it’s very comfortable use only 1 application for all the media files!
Thank you!

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Infuse don’t regocnize my photos and music on my Synology DS214.
FileExplorer Pro is the only app that I could find, that streams with no problems all type of video, photo and music on my NAS.

Infuse is video only for now.

This is an old thread but I am hoping there has been some progress. I am looking to view my photos from synology NAS 218+ on Apple TV with infuse it other app. Is there a solution available ?

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry but Infuse still doesn’t support photo viewing. Please feel free to add your support here by liking the first post in this thread.

You can always see what’s on the drawing board for upcoming releases here