Broken remote on tethered jailbreak. Am I screwed?

My boy poured a cup of coffee on my remote and I mangled it trying to get it open to clean it out.  It’s now destroyed.


Am I screwed?  It has been unplugged so I must connect it and tether - jailbreak it as usual but no way to put it into that mode with play / menu buttons.

Pretty sure you could do dfu mode with redsn0w.


Quick google search found this:







Acoustic Research ARi3G 3 3 Device Universal Remote Control Compatible with Apple Products (Black) 








Apple Remote - Mac, iPod or iPhone (MC377LL/A)


  Both options are cheap compared with all the joy you get with this beauty


You can buy replacements fom ebay even deals with remote and tv mount to hold atv about ten quid.