Broken MKV files - hard drive issue?

They play fine. Is there an app that can do surface testing on a hard drive? I’m wondering if it’s damaged. I did Disk Utility first aid and it shows no errors.

Sadly I’m getting out of my depth here.

I just wondered if the issue could have been bit-rot which is apparently a thing (but not something I have personally encountered in the last 30 years.)

If the drives are not particularly old then again I’m out of my depth.
Hopefully others will chime in with suggestions.

Looking at bit-rot, not sure what to make of it, but I did change AppleTVs, that’s why I was checking some videos on Infuse to see how they play. But I doubt that has contributed to this issue.
I think after looking at all the possibilities, the fact that only un-played by Infuse media are the one still playing, I’m going to go with Infuse being the culprit for now. But I’m willing to entertain other theories.

Wouldn’t by chance be a WD external would it?

Yes it is!

Did you load the WD software on your PC?

no, it’s formatted HFS+ and connected to the Apple router

I had an external WD drive that after formatting it to HFS it started eating files randomly. I ended up reformatting it back to the NTFS and it didn’t eat any more. I can’t swear to the cause but it was showing the same thing with videos showing as 0 in VLC. I wasn’t using Infuse for that drive so it’s something with the WD and HFS formatting from what I could tell.

Thanks for that.
I also noticed the same thing with MP4 files, so not just MKV.
Weird thing is that there are many cases online with people claiming the MKVs became corrupted. If playing back is the only thing going on it shouldn’t be. I’m going to try NTFS and setting files to read-only just to be sure.

Have you tried copying a few of the files that appear to be corrupt to a new drive and see if they play from there?

Yeah, they’re not playing either

For what I can gather the header info is gone

I use DriveDx for this.

Do yo use any chance have a copy of one of the files somewhere else, that is actually working? Then you could compares hashes.

I did, and I’m seeing lots of changes in the hex drive. Check my original post where there is an edit

Please leave the post in the section and the title as the Administrator labeled it. Thanks :+1:

I get it, the title is a bit too accusatory and you guys are trying to prevent damage. I understand that. But for what is worth, whatever it is, it’s looking less like there is hard drive damage after all.
I also forgot to mention one thing, this is the second hard drive I go with this issue, I had another hooked up before and it showed the same issues, I completely forgot about it.
Something is introducing changes to the MKV files. I did a hex compare with one file and I found lots of alterations. Don’t think it is a virus since only the ones that were played suffered from it.

What happens if you play a file in Infuse today? Does anything change?

There was a very rare issue years ago (likely related to a bug in macOS) where a file could potentially be affected if the Mac was powered off while a video was being streamed, but we have not had any reports like this since then.

Hi James,

Yes, those files were recently changed.
The drive has been connected to a Time Machine router, so there was no event of it being it shut down while playing.

I did change my Apple TV to the latest 4K model in December, I had the first Apple TV 4K, but haven’t been using infuse much since. My son found that out that most of his movies are giving error when try to play them.

The other piece of gear that changed is I replaced the Time Capsule router with a new Belkin wifi 6.

And this is my second hard drive that is doing this.

Initially I thought it was the drive that failed but it is doing it also on the newer one.

Trying to think other issues, in that Apple TV I think I had infuse 5 Pro installed, and then when installed a new one after v6 or 7. Could that be the case? Two infuses versions on the same AppleTV.

That media seems to be done, do you suggest anything to be able to fix those files? I was able to replicate one, basically I re-did a mkv from blu-ray and noticed a lot of changes in the code when viewing in hex mode. Especially at the top of the file.

Does Infuse write info to the file?


It’s generally not recommended to run multiple copies of Infuse on the same device, but there shouldn’t be any dramatic side effects like what you are seeing here. The most common issue we see is that opening items from the Top Shelf on the ATV Home Screen may open the wrong version of Infuse.

I can’t really speculate as to what happened here, I’m guessing something else may have affected these files somehow. Since it sounds like these changed at some point during the course of a year or more, it makes it harder to pin down.

FWIW, Infuse itself simply reads files and does not doing any modifying of files whatsoever. Things like metadata and artwork are stored on the client device and in iCloud, and not to the actual files (though this has been suggested).