Broken home reorder

When going to the menu to reorder home items (whether on Apple TV, or on MacOS), the menu is all kinds of broken.

On AppleTV (Version 7.5.1 7.5.4394) the selected items just start jumping, up or down, or overlapping with other items underneath them. You can go down down down and keep going way past the bottom item, with none of the listed items shifting out of the way.

On MacOS (Version 7.5.1 7.5.4394) sometimes the shapes of items you select will appear on the bottom left of the app, and fly into where the mouse curser is dragging them, but then will not shift the other list items out of the way, and will not stay where you’re trying to put them upon release.

Seems like a bunch of bugs in that screen.

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I’ve noticed, but found workarounds (on Apple TV) - sometimes it only works reordering items in one direction (I can’t remember if up or down, but I think it was up). Definitely glitchy and weird and has been occurring as long as I’ve owned Infuse.