BROKEN - so here’s the long awaited update where we find out what the beta testers have been doing inbeteeen coming home from school and going to bed at 19:30.

BROKEN - setup - available servers spinning ball of death - and no connection to LAN to see what available NAS might be available …… BAD

BROKEN - cast list on TV & Movies - now only shows the cast member in the movie/tv you’re looking at - does not now show every movie/tv that the cast member is in on your Library - BAD

BROKEN - replace a tv episode with an updated one (ie a 720 to replace a 360) and now on favourites LATEST TV EPISODES it will show BOTH even though only 1 exists and scanning for changes and forcing a iCloud does nothing to change it - ALSO BAD

Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make a tv episode watched/unwatched - why move it ? And why stick a stupid button for the worst rating db in the world in our faces …… BAD

Im sure the rest of the Dolby stuff is GREAT but when - oh when are you going to learn that breaking simple stuff like these just annoys the hell out of us all.
Well I suppose we should be greatful for one thing and that is that this is the first major update that actually hasn’t stopped the ATV version of Infuse from actually working !

Now - can we have a really urgent fix to the above issues and maybe an explanation as to how this update has actually passed you without the above basic functions broke and not being noticed ……emphasized text

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